Wednesday, June 30

Back to The city

Not very excited...

I definitely need a new board bag ASAP, my old one is dead. and this improvised one is not a good solution..

inee minee.....

What do you think?!

Monday, June 28

Pranayama + Asanas + SriSri Yoga: The Art of Living way

SriSri Yoga is more or less like gentle flow, a total opposite of Ashtanga Yoga which i normally practice.
I do yoga as a cross training for all the sports and everything else that i do, and is a great workout of your mind, body and breath with corresponding health benefits too - not just physical health.

find out more about SriSri Yoga discipline by clicking the image above.

Know the importance of the Pranayama (Breathing techniques) and Asanas (Posture) and see how it fits into your lifestyle.

thank god i made it to the Art of Living Refresher and Sri Sri Yoga.
It was fun.relaxing and needed with all the things happening around us.

I was shy to take photos in the beginning of the class (but managed some stolen ones) and did not even dare during process.
too bad i had to leave early for a meeting, i was looking forward to chatting with RIVA, our teacher for the class who came all the way from India
here's a stolen shot of her

hiding behind my seatmate for this shot

you do not need to NEED it for you to take it.. and you will not know until you do it!
The Art of Living course 1 is recommended for everyone, see life in another light.

click the image to find out more about THE ART OF LIVING and the nearest HQ near you

Special thanks to Louise Lee and Susanne Trischberger who got me into Art of Living.

Jai Guru Dev
To The greatness in you!

-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Founder of Art of Living

*Mamu fran get well soon*

Philippine Surfing Academy

click on the image above to view the full video

You girls rock! Mad props to my girl Lorraine - pictured above. Lor is poi/fire dancing mentor. hey girl i miss you so much and would love to shred some waves with you this season.

and am reallyyyy excited for my GoPro POV cam arriving TODAY!!!!! ahhh

i miss surfing, it's been to looong!
come on swells! get your ass up. we're all waiting....

add up Philippine Surfing academy on Facebook.

Sunday, June 20

In to the blue: Crocodile Island, Boracay ++

Out Diving with Angela, Peter and Friday :)
If we have the technology for canine diving, am sure Friday would be the first.

We went to Crocodile Island, just a couple of minutes out from Boracay.
School of Nudibranch, Variety of Anemone, Soft and Hard Coral, Fan Carols are also rampant in the area. No underwater camera this time so i had to create a mental picture in my mind with the stuff i saw and look for them in the books when we get back on land.

these are today's honor roll

Moray Eel


Spanish Dancer extremely beautiful underwater

Soft Coral - Bubble Coral - i find them really nice and really wanted to pinch it underwater

Diving without a camera is hard for species identification, i can't wait for the GoPro Camera i ordered to arrive when my mum comes sooo excited I got a GoPro Helmet Hero POV camera with accessories for Board attachment and a 60m waterproof casing. Fantastic for Surfing, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, skateboarding, Deep Diving and even just taking normal pictures because its's the set up that i got coming very soon


Saturday, June 19

International Surfing Day 2010

Swells get affected by Global Warming
and you know that no matter how cool they are waves pools just don't cut it
so if your not the environmental type, just be concerned about the swell

Tomorrow is International Surfing Day: June 20, 2010, leaving the Philippines with no waves on its hottest surf spots this time of the year.

if your not going out somewhere where the swell is good, keeping our beaches clean is a good alternative.

pick up a trash today

The forecast is not looking good, surf nor wind... :(

Tuesday, June 15

Truth be Told.

The Exodus:

by me
forced emigration
by the bible
departure from Egypt of the chosen people

by History
-the massive evacuation of people from the province of Jujuy, Argentina, in 1812, during the Argentine War of Independence - the twentieth century emigration of Jews from Arab lands - 80.000 Tibetans crossed the Himalaya for India

by Boracay History

today marks the last party of Hey Jude Bar in WhiteBeach, a very emotional but happy ending to 10 years of pure happiness.

so yes, we decided to vandalize the white walls and we did a very good job.
Forgive the quality of the photos, it was dark and i used my iphone crap, i mean

i didn't get the chance to take photos of all the notes, you can view more of them in the Facebook Page of HeyJude Bar

Blatant truth in ALL CAPS by Mr. Marcus

Kate Moynihan shares the love she feels for Hey Jude

A happy, healthy and pregnant Diver Kaye, comes to support Hey Jude and writes this message including their future baby too for the great memories :)

the happy memories of Architect Ian Bautista.

when life is about passion and when passion is your work

English bartender Anthony overstays at Boracay, hypnotized by its beauty and people, worked at hey jude for a blasting 8 months :)

Cheska Winebrenner finds comfort in this safehouse

A heartwarming message from Louise Lee

Chef Peter Montemayor, even after years of traveling, he comes back to the place he calls home.

notes of love and support to Hey Jude Bar
which was forced to close down after 10 years of glory to make way to a "better" establishment

but NOTHING will ever, ever come close to what Hey Jude is all about.

A family, a clubhouse and a lifestyle that does not run around on being "be seen", being a VIP, nor being around the elite, the supposed to be privileged for the price of a week's worth of food money.

encouraging a healthy lifestyle through sporting events, camaraderie amongst locals and tourists from all walks of life, a beacon that leads in preservation/sustainable development projects of the Boracay Environment including its waters... i can go on forever, what i am telling you is that

the definition of "better" is relative and in this side of town, fancy clothes, shoes, make up and being photographed, et al... is not what's gonna be better.

MotherF*cking Capitalism
- so we just say this to you, do whatever you want, Adios M*therf*ckers, we're outta here!

This is my note and signed me and Erwin's name as he was already in the DJ booth prepping up his final set.
We met here at Hey Jude at around 6 years ago,
we lived here for the last 5 years (during high season)
I learned to mix drinks,
play foseball (but i still suck bigtime)
watched a lot of football and some really weird sports like curling
learned to play frisbee (since the tournaments are held here)
participated in many fund raising activities
got to much drunk for my own good
met new and interesting people
i grew up to be!
plus a lot more
but most importantly, i am myself --free to dance like nobody's watching


Sunday, June 13

Renegade Lover

I may be into a lot of sports and spontaneous travels but that is not a reason for me to not wear girly clothes. in fact i am known as the kitesurfer/surfer/wakeboarder/skimboarder and skater who has the girliest gear in town. and am proud of it.

i really don't think you have to look like a guy when doing these sports. i loooove gearing up with my girly shi*t. hehe anyho, when am not being a renegade on the water or land (sometimes) - i really prefer being in the water i wear maxi dresses, tank tops, short skirts, oversized rings and obnoxious jewelry

Renegade Lovers Maxi Dress, gladiator sandals from HK,
vintage leather clutch and accessories from various thrift shops around asia

Here's one of Dane's new stuff which i got to wear to beach wedding before it was even up in her shop
check out more of her here and here.

me and dane, new year party 2010. wearing our DIY indian headdresses.
Dane wearing Maxi dress from Renegade Lovers and Me in Armor Dress from Eairth

All Photos courtesy of Dane.