Sunday, June 13

Renegade Lover

I may be into a lot of sports and spontaneous travels but that is not a reason for me to not wear girly clothes. in fact i am known as the kitesurfer/surfer/wakeboarder/skimboarder and skater who has the girliest gear in town. and am proud of it.

i really don't think you have to look like a guy when doing these sports. i loooove gearing up with my girly shi*t. hehe anyho, when am not being a renegade on the water or land (sometimes) - i really prefer being in the water i wear maxi dresses, tank tops, short skirts, oversized rings and obnoxious jewelry

Renegade Lovers Maxi Dress, gladiator sandals from HK,
vintage leather clutch and accessories from various thrift shops around asia

Here's one of Dane's new stuff which i got to wear to beach wedding before it was even up in her shop
check out more of her here and here.

me and dane, new year party 2010. wearing our DIY indian headdresses.
Dane wearing Maxi dress from Renegade Lovers and Me in Armor Dress from Eairth

All Photos courtesy of Dane.

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