Tuesday, December 25

The December Showdown rundown

Spell HECTIC and that's me. December is always a hectic month, i thought this year would be different because we didn't have the WONW event but boy was i wrong.

As you all know, i am now riding for BEST kiteboarding. First asian rider on the team - i will never stop saying this but it's the BEST crew in the world!!!

Also, i just got signed in with ROXY and DC shoes, and got renewed for GoPro...wohooo!

Of course Tribu outdoors and The Headware are staple supporters
thanks to Jason and Jeena.

so it's gonna be a FAB year ahead when it comes to kiteboarding!

January is already full of surprises!! watch out.


On the other side of life, i've been going to Yoga class to strengthen the shoulder and i just love it as much as i love kiteboarding.

I also like the fact that i would be able to have Dulcinea Chorros for breakfast after yoga.. 
Yes guys, Dulcinea is now open in Boracay, in this place called Uptown which is near True Food in Station 2.

As much as i hate food chains opening here in there in our favorite island paradise, we really can't help that now especially with Mc D's opening up in Boracay Regency...uhhh such a waste of space.

Noli Aurillo has been Serenading us 4 times a week at Kasbah for the whole month of December, not to mention the great ambiance that my "front yard" called Kasbah is giving everyone.

PS: it's a pretty stressful job to make sure all you tourists have a great and "chill" time. BTW! lol

and i got my NEW Sol ION Harness. it's super comfy and really really snug.
i can grab my board so easy now. wiiiiii!

We also had a little christmas party by the river Nabaoy, i haven't been there for YEARSSS!!
me and anna were assigned to do the decor for our Mad Hatter Christmas Tea PArty..

it was one of those childhood dreams that you wish you have a reason to do, just for fun :)
The party was an awesome mess!! i love my friends!

PS: silver cloth courtesy of my mum.

so, in case you are wondering when do i wear my tutu. i wear it when am cooking.lol

    Check out this new 2013 headware!! the new designs are to die for!

Incase you were wondering where i got all the party decor, masks, feather boas and glitters, i went on a short work trip to manila for some inspiration and shopping for the holidays.

Check out this rad lamps at the Kasbah the Fort girl's washroom

and these cute decor by the bar.

The Kasbah experience won't be complete without... a chocolate cheesecake!!

I also went to the Dapitan arcade to score some christmas decor and lamps, i wanted to buy everything!!

and of course a visit to the Roxy Store in Robinson's Manila :)

some more snaps from my short manila trip

Happy Holidays everyone, hope all is doing well.

am a bit disappointed that my 60D is broken, my iPhone is broken and the other day i busted the bladder of my 7m TS. 

Also, i cannot believe how dependent i am with my iPhone, my calendar, contacts, everything is there.
now am a bit confused with whats going on workwise. 



O well, am sure 2013 is gonna be RAD!!!


Lots of Love from Boracay

Cheers XO
Paula :)

Kiting Photos courtesy of Alexandru Baranescu and Denise Valentino.

Saturday, November 24

Quality Time

Time is the only thing money cannot buy back from you.
so make sure you spend time with people 
that nurture your soul.

it's tourist week time for you when you know your friends are in town
visiting from halfway across the globe.

This marks my last weekend of parties for now.
the wind's been really great lately and 
i have some big news coming up in the next few days
its cray cray!!

can't wait.
am so excited! life is great. <3 p="p">

PS: my blogspot wont upload my photos for now. gotta get this fixed...hmmm

Monday, November 12

epic tales of a busy bee.

wow that was fast.
didn't really got to reflect that it's already NOVEMBER!! ahhh.
christmas is so near and also my new kite gear!!!

some extremely great news from me in the coming weeks.
am excited.
ok so i haven't updated my blog in a couple of WEEEKS!

it was a cray october as usual wrapped up by an awesome halloween party AS ALWAYS!
halloween is my favorite holiday just because i can enjoy it more with all the costumes.

I went as a music harajuku girl and not a lot of people got that, and i don't blame them.
Yes i have a liking for animes. as much as a lot of you won't like it.
the style of japanese art and culture combined.
super cute and interestingly cultural if you ask me.

check out one of favorites in that arena
Which you should all see!!

So yes october was very busy and here are some snaps on how that went down.
renovation at kasbah
Amihan season!!!
THE WIND IS BACK in bulabog and everyone is arriving!!!
can't wait. it's gonna be another exciting season.

Wednesday, October 24

Throwback Thursday.

for those of you who didn't know.

and everyone has this thing going called the throwback thursday 
where they post old photos of what they used to be in their earlier years.

-so why don't i do the same. 
this is funny

haha some stuff from my early modeling days.

this is one of my Globe Telecom Ads

This is for ELITE 2005

This is taken in boracay, circa 2006

Chalk Magazine. i think this is 2005 or 2004

Portrait: headshot 2004

Puka Beach, 2006?

Infront of Friday's Boracay 2006

Wednesday, October 10

adjusting back to my reality.

So, i've been hanging out in Boracay for the last 2 weeks almost.
I really did miss this place. 
I am very glad am here but man, experiencing the bit ends of the Habagat or rainy season is
not fun at all. Well, it's just the heavy rains that scared me, plus all the drowning accidents, ruined properties in the beachfront and capsized boats are the ones that really got me thinking..
now i remember why i hated being here during the winter.. because of all the of the above. It's been a very sad week, a number of people died from drowning, and the beachfront looks like a dead city after a storm..so people thats why you should not build your properties toooo near the beach. there is a great reason for it.
I also noticed that a meter of sand has disappeared on the last 3 years alone.

Anyways, enough about that.

I've been repainting some stuff, trying to "upscale" my native new home. I haven't lived in a native house for a while and it is a big change from SF,North Carolina and especially the house we had in Greece. 
I do enjoy shopping for home stuff! always!
and am doing it with one of my great buddies anamie, who i used to work with in CWC/Republ1c

It was a choice between white beach (sunset beach) and Bulabog beach (sunrise beach) + 150Euros.
Am  happy to be in white beach, although i know i might go crazy when all the tourists invade the island again in a few months time. we'll see.
My days are filled with
Beach walk in the morning to Yoga class, 
hanging out with my Boracay friends,
daily swim from Kasbah beachfront to Willy's rock and back
Sunset and Hoop sessions at Kasbah 
working on airbnb photos
kiting (if there is wind)
and a lot more fun stuff.

Yes, it's a great life. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
ok am not complaining or anything 
Great and Healthy life <3 p="p">


I've also been sick, very sick actually. 
I always get sick on my first two weeks in Boracay. 
and i thought this year would be different but nahh. it's the same.
Vomiting is not fun.
 Monday 2am, i went to clinica de boracay and the doctors know what they we're doing.
It's a great change from the last time i was here. 
At almost the same time two years ago, i had to go to the hospital. 
I remember that there was no electricity in the center, no chairs in the ER 
and they had to put dextrose on me, putting the syringe while i was sitting on the guard's monobloc chair outside the hospital. due to the lack of lighting inside..
talk about nightmares!

So now am drinking antibiotics and writing this post. 8am in the morning ...
ive been in my bed for two days, crackbooking and watching happy endings and sorting out my unorganized iTunes library.

sniff. i wanna get better and get back to Yoga class and my daily swim :(

So how was your week guys?

Monday, October 1

Golden Tan and Sun Bleached Hair

So this is my first post back in Boracay.
and am doing this over my breakfast cereal.

The 10day manila trip has been cray cray which was not surprising since i am hanging with my original partner in crime Dane, who decided to form another band with me called #thefuckingawesomes, formerly known as #thekittygirls and #thewondertwins.

She's now busy earning some big dough on the big bad city of Manila which i cannot wait to get out of.
Truthfully, i really had a lot of fun but not my health. 
Champagne, enclosed smoking clubs and after-parties are not exactly a good recipe for a healthy me.
But hey i gotta hang out with my buddy Dane which we haven't really done in a while. 
Also, my SF partner in crime is in town, Angelo Mendez of #gelloshots 
and the Safehouse group - haven't seen them complete since we last did a project together, which was years ago.

So after much deliberation in my brain i decided to come back to Boracay
and be serious about "work" 
plus the people in Manila kept staring at my "Golden Tan and Sun Bleached hair" which for them is not a beach girl lost in the city but a a girl from the red light district who is pretending to be a beach girl. 


so thats...
Kasbah Boracay, which is the best restaurant in town (am not biased!)
Taking photos for Airbnb amongst other things.
Teaching Kiteboarding, Filming and still organizing events.
Hopefully the weather cooperates and sun comes out soon so we can get some good kiting footage.


Am quite happy with my set up this year. am in White beach, 
this is my front yard
i didn't live in white beach since Hey Jude closed and i did miss it a lot.
Yo Za come soon moro mou.

PS: forgive my poor iPhone photos.
cheers from Windy and Rainy Boracay.