Thursday, January 13

Out of Scratch

Check out this nice little edit from Out of Scratch.

Out of Scratch is a new Vid Production group formed by my friend and co-shredder Geoff Gonzales.

So geoff, when are we doing my vid? :)

Watch it.

move something from Out of Scratch on Vimeo.

Out of Scratch on Vimeo

Saturday, January 1

Holidazed and Confused

Really Really Really Awesome Christmas x New Year
Am still in bed as i type this.

Words cannot express how amazing
it was
Crazy Christmas Shopping
Great Christmas Eve with the Family
Annual EPIC party with the CURV crew
Hearty NYE Dinner at Asya Premiere Suites
NYE Countdown at Exit Bar with Hangin Kite Center Family + all the kiters and divers
First Sunrise of 2011 at Jungle Bar in Windy Bulabog Beach
went home at 8am.

Happy Year of the Rabbit everyone
here are some snippets on what happened in the last week of crazy mayhem.

Have a rad 2011.
Still nursing my knee but slowly getting better.

Last minute Christmas shopping in Manila..
wish i had more money to spend

I just had to have some...

MSG overload

Eenie Meenie...

Eenie Meenie...

Eenie Meenie...

biggest crab i've EVER seen and eaten

memoirs of an EPIC party with the CURV crew

prepping up for Christmas Dinner

Mom's House for Christmas Eve

i remembered how happy i was when i got my first guitar.
like my niece over here.

Flying back to the place i call home..
i can see kites up!

RAD NEW YEAR set up from ASYA Premiere

Double Visioning

Jungle Bar - 7am :)