Tuesday, September 18


so after how many months away am finally back in the motherland
first stop is ALWAYS cwc and then some 
fun shopping at ROXY :)

if you remember, a couple of months ago i was a finalist for the South East Asia 
division of the Let The Sea Set You Free, a global promotion of Roxy.
Being one of the finalists i got some new roxy swag to show off when i get back to Boracay in two weeks.

I got to meet the awesome team behind Roxy Philippines 
and went to the new store at Robinsons Manila.
to my surprise i saw my vid playing in the store. hihihi.
am soooo happy.
today was a nice day even though the weather was terrible.

Also, if you miss my Roxy video,
here it is again :) enjoy!

PS: forgive the poor quality of my iPhone photos.


Sunshine Smile -Paula Rosales for Roxy's Let The Sea Set You Free - from paula rosales on Vimeo.

Friday, September 14

home is wherever am with you.

Probably the first time ever i got this lazy to hop on a plane and go.
I was not ready to leave Greece. I was having so much fun and wanted to stay longer.
For the first time in a while that i was contented in where i was, what i was doing and the people i was with. usually i get tired and ready to go after 3 months of staying in a place.

I also knew that the weather back home was not at it's finest..yet.

I had the longest flight ever...just because i was not keen on doing it at all.
But it was also one of the easiest, i miss traveling alone, when you can move like a turtle on your own pace, own time, chill somewhere, shop etc.
Although, a 5 hour stop in Dubai was not good for my wallet...
i ended buying some chocolates, a new iPod shuffle ( for riding) and some other stuff.

Am writing this post from CWC, my home cable here in the Philippines. I opted to go here first before RWP as i heard there is a big ass cue over there and my friends are all here.
after 2 days of being jet lagged and just plainly pissed off about being back home a month before i expected, i realized that i am cool with being back here.

Today i went to the cable for the first time since march in Thai Wake Park, and wow it was SKETCHY.
haha. it took me awhile to get at it again, starting off with a few slip offs in the Pro Winch ( which you all know will end nasty if i make a mistake, due to the cemented side walls).
everyone showed up for the afternoon session and am ssssooo happy :)

I feel right at home again.

So glad am not wearing a 5mm wetsuit, not even a shorty. 
it's just wonderful. 

here are some screen grabs from today's filming session at the tabletop with the boys at Republ1c. toeside tailpressssin' - not bad for day1.

and some uncoordinated back lips.

Sunday, September 9

Saronida Sling

i haven't updated my blog lately
due to a couple of things which includes packing up my stuff from 
Paros and come to Athens for a few days before departing.

I am really bummed that am leaving this place. i wish i can stay longer.
this whole 90day shengen visa sucksss. but o well, it can be worse.

i had a great summer, it's all that matters
and now am headed back to manila to see some old friends,
surf, kite and am really excited with the new cable parks that just opened.


PS: this is my first post from the new macbook, although i have some bad news, i lost my GoPro the other day, i took it wake boarding and the rope took it. i posted the picture of the rope taking the GoPro during a crash.

Yo Za tried wake surfing which seems really dangerous since your too near the boat prop, and a good friend nicos showing some skills.

Taking photos this session was fun, having the greece landscape on the back was just perfect.

here are some pics from the Wakeboarding in Saronida.

PS: make sure you pack your fins before heading out to the ocean. and never everrrr use your GoPro without your floaty backdoor, even though you just outta do a cruise session.