Friday, April 22

In it for the Girls!

Here are some snips from my trusty point & shoot.

Had some refresher on self rescue for the camp.
Safety comes first..always :)

PS:am so bummed my 60D is still in the service center. i missed an entire season of footage...almost.

o well..

Tuesday, April 12

Video Killed The Radio Star

Yes it's true.Video killed the radio star.


so many awesome vids from everywhere this past few.

here's one from the boys James,Tom and Sam

Down Under Achievers from James Boulding - Steez Prod'ns on Vimeo.

saw a few for the triple s

Luke Whiteside - Triple S Wildcard from Luke Whiteside on Vimeo.

and my girl tynna!!!!!

am sooooo proud of you babe!

Create&Destroy: Tynna Rosero (wakeskater) from create&destroy on Vimeo.

and here's the PofUSA vid Video killed the radio star

*trivia - its the first Music vid it true?!

what do you know

Tuesday, April 5

TID spotlight

Am on the TID rider spotlight.
check it!

on the kiteboarding side of tingtings

Additional Props to
Hangin Kite Center Normeth and Nenette Graf
Neil Godbold, Willy Kerr, Stephan Hertig and Mars Gersbach
and my mom who thinks what am doing is crazy but silently proud of me.

Monday, April 4

PKRA Thailand X Thai Wake Park X Bangkok : Thailand Love You Long Time

The Thailand Trip was insane!

Bruno Sroka who was also with us for the KTA in Boracay. We all came in on the same flight and got a nice deal for a huge van with a Teli heading to Hua Hin

not to mention my two hot kite mommas Normeth and Nenette of Hangin Kite Center who followed the day after...

We got to Hua Hin really late so we had to drag our quivers to the comp area then look for our house which felt like forever since we we're traveling the entire day.

The wind in Hua Hin at that time was erratic, it's either hot and windless or windy and freezing with rain, so we kinda spent most of the PKRA days in the InterCon hotel poolside (chillin' like a millionaire. lol ) when the boys got knocked out from the double elims.

Kiting in Hua Hin is kinda tricky as the waves get big in the shore but it's fun to use them as kickers when you get a hang of it. Kite relaunching was death in the making
o well, i get kudos for experience.

Two Weeks of pure fun and realizations and just some random quirky stuff


in the PKRA Thailand it was nice to meet the girls in the kite hood.
Thai food is amazinggggg but always say NO SPICY because it will still be spicy in the end
Fried insects doesn't really taste different from crispy chicken skin but with matching little legs that kinda get stuck on your throat when you don't chew on them properly
SamSam Bar in Hua Hin can be fun when your with the right people.
Partying in Bangkok is expensive.
Hotel Room AfterParties are always funny.
Bangkok is a GREAT city; such a visual overload
A PingPong Show is really disgusting, we were so horrified and regret seeing it. but hey.
Anton and Mikey formed a band in Hua Hin Reggae Bar. and i was the first groupie!
It is a quaint little bar at the end of Hua Hin beach with really cool locals.
-Safety First-
The obstacles at the Thai Wake Park are super smooth so i got to progress in my rail riding style a lot.
Our HouseLady in the hostel is named MEOW and she cannot speak english
Getting Lost with a great group is entertaining. especially if you don't have any Bhat money left to go home. hehe

You'll probably find half of the pictures in this blogpost bizarre as most of these are related to our trip experience and inside jokes about it.

but here is a nice funbox sequence that Anton shot and edited for me.

Love You Long Time Thailand

Braiding hair while waiting for the wind

Choose your insect, Grasshopper or Fly or perhaps a worm?

living the life @ InterCon Hua Hin

QuickSilver/Roxy Concept store Hua Hin

Saturday, April 2

The Art Called Bangkok

BangKok is such a visual overload that i decided to do an entire post about it's visual audacity.
My eyes went numb

I LOVE it so much!
Gives one such an inspiration to go on and be happy x quirky with life even if your in a crowded city full of shopping malls and concrete buildings.

i thought singapore street art and architecture was amazing but Bangkok is the Shizznit!

++ we were oh so lucky that we turned somewhere in the right way from a local metro station to take photos and ended up in the BangKok Art Museum.

++The watches here are insane. i got one for 100bhat but it broke after a day :(
++We also bumped into an OBEY concept store with a sick as artwork as usual (stolen photo)
++my point and shoot cam also lost batt during the middle of the day, well that kinda sucked.

it was really amazing. seriously