Saturday, April 2

The Art Called Bangkok

BangKok is such a visual overload that i decided to do an entire post about it's visual audacity.
My eyes went numb

I LOVE it so much!
Gives one such an inspiration to go on and be happy x quirky with life even if your in a crowded city full of shopping malls and concrete buildings.

i thought singapore street art and architecture was amazing but Bangkok is the Shizznit!

++ we were oh so lucky that we turned somewhere in the right way from a local metro station to take photos and ended up in the BangKok Art Museum.

++The watches here are insane. i got one for 100bhat but it broke after a day :(
++We also bumped into an OBEY concept store with a sick as artwork as usual (stolen photo)
++my point and shoot cam also lost batt during the middle of the day, well that kinda sucked.

it was really amazing. seriously

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