Monday, September 26

Stockholm in Motion

the people in Stockholm are amazingly fashionable. same ol' same ol' like other big cities of the world such as Paris, Milan, NYC.
young, old, men and women, here the style is everywhere even with the babies. so cute.

It's also nice they have a really big cycling culture here sans there's no air pollution making this a healthy and environmentally friendly habit AKA style.

here is olivia, she took me around stockholm for the day. She's an FA and hairdresser here. nice job eh? :)

i had the most amazing ice cream today.

here's a few pics of my "Sartorialist" day in Stockholm.
some of them are kinda blurry but can't resist not putting them up here so bear with me.

people change when they come to the big city i think.
but not really for the bad, it's just different. thats why
i really find it good to see a person how they are in different places and in their own hood. just gives you a new perspective.
it's incredible how "cities" change people actually. both good and bad.

for the meantime, enjoy the fashion and beauty but don't forget to be nice at the end of the day. <3

PS: commuting here is soooo F*cking expensive. WtF! seriously.

Wednesday, September 21

HeartBeats and City Beats

It was a blast shooting around stockholm, we hit the bus and just went walking.
like Goteberg, the Architectural structures here are insanely amazing. making walking around so much better.

we also came across this flea market in some square in Soder.
cute little finds

It was a blast shooting around stockholm, we hit the bus and just went walking.
taking pics of interesting people i see on the streets.
we came across this flea market in some square in Soder.

this is the cutest of ALL!

last day in stockholm, going back to Goteberg tom aft.
had a blast hanging out with people that you've met in your former travels.
it is interesting to see how they are in their own hood.
well anyways, the city is great but yeah it's not for me, for now.
Am feeling kinda of down again, the weather i guess?

but hey, like someone said to me before,
Paula, it's not christmas everyday.

PS: today i am thinking if my new life decisions are for the good, but hey i don't wanna complain as i know that in general i am in a good place in my life. Today i found out that a friend's boyfriend died, and he has also been a good friend to me. It reminds me again that life is too short. To short to be filled with bitching, quarrels, stress and heartaches.

so go head out of the world and live without boundaries.
Be the best person that you can be and
remind the people you love that you do love them.

Rest in Peace George and Big Hugs to my girl Nisha. I Love You.

Tuesday, September 20

Paros Kite Greece

short edit from my summer season 2011 in Paros
enjoy guys!
hope i can transcend to you how fun and windy it was.
met so many cool people
til next season.

visit Paros Kite at

special thanks to

George, Ian, Alex, Aris and the rest of the crew plus everyone who made the season so fun!

Sunday, September 18

our way, everyday

little edit we did from Sweden.
This is how it is all day everyday.

PS: the liseberg footy is here too.
check it!

Friday, September 16

spend a day in the GOT, in "city clothes" i don't really mind being in the city for a few weeks as long as i can dress up and if the city is cool to be in.

This city is pretty, the trains are nice and the streets are pleasing to the eyes.
Busy in a good way.

went to Gothenburg for the 2nd time to run some errands and pay a visit.
it's a really dank store, reminds me of REPUBL1C in the Philippines.
its nice to be in this environment again, reminiscent of the work that i used to do.
the people were really nice and the girl working there is half filipino, how cool is that.

watch out for for some dank things in the future.

if your visiting GOT, do stop by

got some really nice goodies

a sick SC neckpiece and a flamey pink pair of FMJs

Tack sa mycket Thomas
PS: my basic swedish sentences don't really work on an english keypad. o well.