Sunday, September 11


Ive been in KakaLand or CozyLand as i wanna describe it better for two weeks now.
Sweden is nice country to be in, really. except for the weather, but as you can see the sunsets here are nice because of all the clouds and mountains that makes the shots more interesting than a bare blue sky.

Yesterday we went to a place in Gothenberg with a 2.0 sesitec, it reminded me of my home cable and realized how spoiled we are in the Philippines with the wake parks. not just CWC but also the others like DECA and the upcoming ones in Nuvali and Clark. The water was freezing but hey atleast i gave it a try. The other day i went kiting for like 30minutes, until i was underpowered and had to go back in.
I had to wear 2 wetsuits then i screamed so loud on my first crash, it's like diving into an ice freezer...brrr.

Our nights are filled with hanging out in the "safe" streets of sweden shooting, skating, eating chocolates, snus and just having fun with everyone.

i met this really cool kid, filip he's the bomb.
so many toys, and the ones that i like too.
he operated his finger one night while anton filmed it and i was just watching getting a bit dizzy with all the blood.

this is filip here.

My shoulder and knee is not good for this kind of waters...

For now am enjoying the Mjolk, Chocolates and the cozyness of this country. Peace.

PS: the berries here are so dank!

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