Wednesday, September 7

godis + chokladkaka

ok so, sweden AKA Godis (candy) and Kaka (cake) land.
is not as bad as their weather is.

Went to Liseberg Theme Park which is so fun. (anton refused to give me a copy of the video footy so i dont have some here).

The kids here in Sweden are so dank.
It's like living in pleasantville and the kids can just be kids.
Plus the pizza is also nice. how can you imagine that peanuts and bananas are nice to have on your pizza? I never really liked pizza that much until now, you know that.


The gang went kiting but i was freezing my ass out so am just always shooting, which is also cool but would really love to kite soon. ive been out of the water for almost 3 weeks i think?

I wish i have a 5,3 wetsuit. Now am wishing i took the White Trinity Full suit instead of the Jewel 2,5 shorty :(

o well, there's always a next time.

PS: it's not so bad to have a little less sun from time to time.

PSS: it was also nice to wear some shoes. i got a really nice pair that am gonna wear soonish here in the City. hihi

here are some pics i took here in Sweden..

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