Monday, January 30


it's been really busy for the last three weeks and i can say that this is the first weekend i had off since the KTA started. it was really hectic but fun at the same time. now i get to spend some time with working on my computer, the shots and also prepping up to go back to Vigan, which is ahhhmazing.

we have been traveling and shooting with the COR aka children of revolution here in boracay and union bay. we had an awesome time shooting with the jet ski, GoPro and heli, how sick is that eh? and as usual, when my riding gets better i just fuck it up again completely with the shoulder when i get to try harder stuff.
this sucks so bad.

but what to do but let it heal again, rehab and prioritize a surgery before i leave the country again.

so yeah this weekend i was just hangin with some friends and it reminded me on why i stayed and lived in boracay in the last 6-7 years of my life. and i tell you, even if its full of tourists here and there, oh it is a great place to be, great people and just good vibes if you just know where to look and where to be.

its also funny how fast the coconut express is, your gone out working 2 jobs for the last 3 weeks plus some events and don't hang around, the next thing you know is that there are rumors about you being snobbish, obnoxious, judgemental or whatever just because you dont show up because your working.. its funny how assuming and conclusive it is. i jsut wish that sometimes people are more understanding that there are other things you do in your life aside from partyingö like, sleeping, enjoying some daytime sport, doing the errands, or just simply working, to continue living a good life and get some time to kitesurf .

at the end of each day you just have to not think of what others think, because it will eventually get to you and destroy some goals and achievements you have been doing during your daily life.
don't let this things affect you, do what you love to do, what feels right and just rise above all things that bring you down.

o well, in the end i love you all X

here are some test shots from the time that a good friend and photographer was here visiting.

test photos by John Barber

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Monday, January 16

my bruised toe

"training for the kta" and the actual KTA resulted to a limping me. both my feet are bruised and it hurts like crazy, well not really. its just annoying, especially on the left toe. uhhh. i also have a deep cut on my right pinky toe i am nursing now. i only made 1 race and my foot just cant handle the pain anymore :( o well there is always a next time. as for the freestyle, it was really... nerve racking..whew. the level of the girls were so high and its been really good for everyone except for me, my lines got tangled on a buoy on my 2nd heat on the FIRST minute, it resulted to my kite looping for a while until i gave up and pulled the release...o well til next time.

but in the end it was about the experience, the fun and personal challenges you face in a competition arena.

congrats to all the winners.

so its healing time as there is no wind for 2day, we are waiting for some wind for the 23rd Boracay Funboard Cup which started today. crossing our fingers.

today was a perfect windless day for a while as we just had our closing party for the KTA - Boracay stop.

i might say am getting a hang of this competitions and i think i just needed the initial experience to actually start doing it "properly" now.

PS: harness your craft and the best. so you dont have to pull a lady macbeth just to outstand from the rest. X


photo by katya kaylani

PSS: my macbook is in the ICU. so am using dre's computer now to type this. haha. come visit me at Dos Mestizos, i am here almost everynight from 6-10pm/ cheers

Monday, January 9

Rediscovering Kiteboarding

hej all,
happy new year to everyone! this is my first official 2012 post because my black macbook finally gave up on me after 4 years? something like that.

am a bit sad about it, as i really loooove my black macbook and i will never be able to get a new one just like that :(

its been really windy everyday and am overpowered always on a 7m. its good and bad in both ways. in some way its good because i don,t unhook and this makes me be more creative in my hooked in freestyle tricks which is actually going quite well for me and my shoulder as of the moment.

but yea at the end of the day, you dont really want to be riding overpowered all the time, now am nursing 3 cuts in my feet, a bruised foot from hitting my board and a bruised up thumb from my hand hitting my IDS system at times.

but everything else is good and all is well. i just wish my computer was still alive so i can process some pictures for all of you to see.


am using anton's computer for now when he is not editing videos
just sneaked in a few minutes to update you all
love and kisses for 2012 X

everyone is arriving as the KTA starts in 3 days !!! goodluck to all of us!

happy and windy Boracay X