Tuesday, May 31

When Old Isshies Hunt You Down

When old issues hunt you down...it sucks!

Went a little too big on the wallride today and caught a front edge causing me a little ankle sprain from a past injury in Lago De Oro 8 months ago which you can read here.


Ice that foot. Dylan on the background charging the GoPro

Took the bus in last night with Sam and MonMon. so lucky that my seatmate didn't make it i had two lazy boy seats for myself. hihi.Though the road going here was unforgiving and i got thrown out of my sleep a couple of times.

Ice that foot..

Sunday, May 29

self preservation and reinvention

Don't lose your soul
Maximize your life
Find your happiness
help others
Love unconditionally
Laugh like crazy :)
make yourself a better person everyday.

The evil eye is a symbol which is known to ward of anything bad along the way. believed by many Mediterranean tribes and cultures, It started in Classical Greece and later passed to ancient Rome. It is a symbol of protection to those who wear, protection from those who try to harm you and ill-wishers by envious entities around you when you are on your way to a happy path.

Am hitting the road tomorrow with the Sam B& MonMon D for some "shaping up" i need to do in the cable plus of course shooting!

just came from the VD concept store in High Street and scored some goodies including this rad winged evil eye cap.
thanks Earl and Rexcy!

shaping up for the big summer trip.
Stay Tuned <3

on the down low.

Awesomer: Episode 1 - All City Skate Life from Awesomer on Vimeo.

when things around the city are shitty. you know its not your place to be.
nice to see some of my friends still doing what they love and not get corrupted by this grey city lights (or making something positive out of it)

All Skate City Life Episode 1.

props to outofscratch.com

Monday, May 23

A Quickie Fix


Still in Cebu...
Had a day trip with the Crew today to Pandanon Island, Bohol

Saw a whaleshark on the way over..so nice!
the water in Pandanon is really nice and we got to laze around for a few

As you know i have kinda stopped eating pork, except for Gasthof's Ribs and Crispy Lechon Skin.
This week i ate lechon 3 times!! but it was worth it.
Still stuck with my Globe Tatoo Internet stick. good internet is basically all i miss in Manila.

and oh. My crotch..errr.. I was on the paper the other day for FreeMan/Philippine Star Cebu. here's a snappy

text available here..



Save our Seas!
Would be so dank if the children of your children would see whalesharks on a normal boat trip to the islands.

XS: can't believe i cannot find any fishball vendor in Cebu...Bummer!

BIG UP to Cabrinha, The Headware and Blood Red for the support

++Brian and Ben Lim for the Local Cebu hospitality

More updates coming soon X

Tuesday, May 17

Out of Reach

Been out of reach lately.
So many things going on, good and bad.
My Point and Shoot is broken, my DSLR is still in the shop.
Been in transit for a while
and now back to Cebu for the First Cebu Kite Jam

Today we got some press time with the local GMA morning show

Super lucky we got some wind for the past few.
Pics and vids up soon.
Internet here is crap :(
Everything else is fun though.
Traveling with a few of the Cabrinha Phil. team and some old friends

**everyone is Cebu drop by SRP this week to learn to Kite and wakeboard from the Philippine's best riders :)

Whoever is in manila by the way Drop by TIME in Manila on May 20 thats on friday for some great music - put on your dancing shoes. :)

Cebu is Amazing