Sunday, October 10

The Death Video + the aftermath

I went wakeboarding last week after how many months, no training whatsover -to craziest cable park in town, Lago De Oro. LAst time i went there was 2-3 years ago, and damn it's looking good, props to those people who dedicated time and effort to make this park better than it was.
anyho, i was going through all the news rails, i was so excited then i saw they even have a winch park now.

Since am just there for the day i decided to make it a go, and try my luck again on surface raileys. The last time i tried this in CWC with a Migs' D he went home wearing a cast.
So yeah here's a vid of what happened to me. hahaha i love posting my wipeout vids.

After that i had to go to Casa Nami which is a really really SICK bar!! cool- the jungle boys from Boracay we're there to play for a friend's Birthday and i had to get these crutches from Agee my good friend, so i can actually walk around and not be like a grandmama.

Am just glad i remembered R.I.C.E.
Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation

I love wakeboarding :)

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