Monday, September 27

KTA- Turkey Round 1

KTA Turkey just finished and i am OH SO JEALOUS!
the plan was to go there but it never happened, to many things happened including the savings for Turkey trip spent on scuba diving. :9 oh i am very disciplined can you tell?

o well there is always next year.

here are some pics on what took place.
Cesme is beautiful :)

And my girls are shredding it!!! wohooo



and this girl i heard can really shred it big time! i haven't met her personally but go girl!

here's another shot of Hannah Whiteley

I haven't mastered the art of kiting in my bikini top, i always end up flashing people kiting near me. lol

Mallo's hair is always a scene stealer!!!

and here's Robin, last year KTA-Boracay Champ

here's a video too ( click on the image to redirect)

Of course, if you remember one of my older posts about kiting urban legends
Competitions always bring ZERO wind days so this is what turned out of that aside from the massive hangover they had the next day for sho!


wakeboarding is always the first alternative, boat or jet ski or winch

The Vegas 2011 is a beauty so am very excited for my New Cabrinha Set, am itching to kite!!! am so excited for the season which is just around the corner.

am dreaming about flying already!!!! wohooo!

Photos from KTA-Kite Tour Asia Facebook Page

video by frenchie

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