Thursday, September 23

Happy Autumn Equinox

above all the cool breeze in the air this marks the coming of the holidays

From fall to winter we move into the more "yin", or feminine, half of the year--which is all about turning inside and starting to access your intuition and wisdom that live in the deep, dark parts of yourself.

- The way of the happy woman

Today am gonna celebrate with a practice of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga concentrates on the tissues rather than the muscles, and you stay on the asanas (poses) for a longer period of time.

if you do not have time to go to the studio today check out this virtual retreat for saturday

click the image to redirect to the website

On the lighter side of things I've came up with my christmas wishlist hehehe

since my GoPro is broken this is what i want instead....

and this camera to match that beautiful casing above

i've always wanted a yellow dive computer :)

this is a perfect beach bag, i think?

perfect travel bag for overnighters

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