Friday, September 12

Googlers and Kiters

i love meeting kiters from around the world. Especially this batch of riders working at Google here in California. 
Thank you Alexei for inviting me and the other riders.
I must say, this campus errr office is one of the best i've experienced 
so far.

With a lot of positive values and fun activities you can do,
who would not want to work at Google?

Check out this Half pipe in one of the buildings.


and it's always nice to meet girls that rip amidst all the men. :)

it's like being on mushrooms... giant cupcakes....

 colorful bikes you can take around

and i even checked out Boracay on the huge Google Earth Screen

Hi guys!
as you can see, information on Boracay island is a bit static.

thank you guys! looking forward to kite sessions with the googlers.