Wednesday, November 17

Christmas in november

Am so happy my new ride arrived the other day, of course it became a distraction from all the work going around me, but i think a do deserve a little kiting break ya?
Took my new baby for a ride and she's fast and feisty out there. This is not the original color i wanted but its ok, it turned out really pretty :)


thanks to Cabrinha Kites, Greenyard Funboard Center and Hangin Kite Center

Saturday, November 6

The wind is back and so is the crew

i've set aside blog posting for a while due to all the things happening right now

i flew in to Boracay 2 days before halloween which is BIG here in the island i tell ya it's serious business to be prepared for your costume and all. it's fun and hectic at the same time

And yes the wind was packed in my luggage - specifically in my DIY boardbag

as it was blowing 30-40knots the day we arrived and continued on
until today due to a low pressure area up north sucking up all the wind again :/

of course i cannot resist the wind and with the Susi Mai Kite Camp a few weeks from now and everyone else arriving back here and there Plus the Renovation of


here's a sneaky peaky

am one happy busy bee

forgive me for not keeping you updated for now

but ive got some nice stuff to post soon

am also up in the clouds as i found out that me and two of my home boys Ken and Doque will be representing filipino Kitesurfers in the upcoming Wind or No Wind Board Jam which is a Massive thing!!!!

Thanks to Mauricio and Republ1c :)

Hope you had a fab halloween :)

* i found out that there are people who don't know what a crayon is WOW! hehe