Monday, April 19

2 places at once and Project Jordan

XVIB Republic Skate Park Now Open Finally !!!!! :) How i wish i can teleport there just for now.

Also nice to see the C1rca Boys skate Again

here's a vid from the XVIB opening and C1rca Jam

I consider this as my baby, worked with this project with Spohnranch when i was with republic. I wish i was there for the opening. But will visit for sure. I miss skating of the things to be excited about when i go back to the city

Though some things didn't end well, lets all help Jordan

Prayers and Monetary Donations are most needed.

Get well soon

Sunday, April 18

Girl Encounter

So this is what the windless Susi Mai kite chick clinic looked liked.
It may look boring but we got to bond, just us girls from different kite school and i didn't even know some of them before. I actually thought there were not a lot of girls kiting in Boracay but i was dead wrong!
I met a lot of really cool girls from Estonia, Finland, Netherlands,etc!

Endless stories of embarrassing kite moments, most stupid things you forget to do (and the boys just look at you giggling and you don't understand why, until after 10 minutes) - like seriously perspiring to death to pump your 8m which usually takes a couple of minutes, puzzled and pissed on what is wrong, you realize your deflate valve is open. ahhh!
very inspiring words from Susi and the other girls too, on progression, learning, techniques, and many more

it maybe 14-16m wind (which most of the girls here don't have) but still, full house baby!!

The Susi Mai Kite Chick clinic is brought was Made possible by Hangin - Greenyard Kite Center, Nenette Graf and Cabrinha.

Thursday, April 15

FILA Store Launch

Most of the models are kitesurfers so it was really crazy fun :)

me all dolled up, in a Custom-Glamorized Fila Jacket

Special appearance by my good friend B, we were just laughing at ourselves when we found out we are both in this fashion show..and we just found out that day. and he was laughing that i had banging glittery make up on and me laughing at his gold bow tie...hahahaha (can't get over it)
i need to find a photo of him to post here. lol

FILA supports the Local Dragon Boat Boracay Team....Thank you very much :)

Wednesday, April 14

Allysa Heuze - Thank you!

Wearing - ION Essentials - Jewel Rashguard, Hurley Puerto Rica Shorties, PULL IN underwear, SOLEIL North 128 Kitrboard with North 9m Rebel Hot Pink Kite :)

First time Allysa Heuze does action/sports photography as far as i know... A very talented 15 year old girl, who has sold more photographs than most amateur photographers i know. She's shy. meek also learning how to kitesurf herself. Thanks for the photos, but next time i think its a good idea to stay away from my crotch as a POV. lol!!!

wicked photos!!!!! Thanks Ally :)

Tuesday, April 13

Glad to have seen this!!!

ripped straight from KTA Facebook Page, this is scary!!! an i was thinking of getting one in the future...well not anymore!

and am sharing this to everyone else!


Drunk Testing

A Very Drunk Mr. Marcus, my good buddy and awesome musician/photographer, did some test shots of me kiting. It's his first time shooting action sports so he has to know the "angle" and the right "perspective" yano! hahahaha

so fun!!! - it was my fault that he was drunk, i was an hour late (thinking he wouldn't show up coz we had a rad party the night before, but he still did *such a sweetheart)....he was waiting for me and ended up downing San Mig Light. O well, it was pretty good though.

He enjoyed it so much he didn't even put his waterproof case...poor camera but thank god its still ok :)

.........and some funny crashes, but still good photos over here.

Just went out to have some fun!!!!

And yes, am girly like that, on light wind i drive a HOT PINK Rebel 9m by North Kiteboarding

am so stoked and feeling so blessed*

Monday, April 12

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Vamonos! Vamonos!

A Breather from all the parties, the mayhem, the events that took place over the last month. Me, Carla and Elena went to Palawan for a Photography, Diving, Relaxing and supposedly kiting safari.

Carla has been around the world taking photos for a living, am glad i met her as i am in dire need of an underwater and landscape photographer, and she did an excellent job indeed, Elena was our model so our trip involved a lot of giggling, pigging out and just plain fun! yippeeee! *Photos are for HUMA ISLAND RESORT that's gonna open soon in Palawan. so watch out!!

check out carla del moral's portfolio here :)

Carla also taught me some cool stuff about kiting, especially techniques on kiting and now she's on a mission to take me diving....again

Though i've tried a couple of times before i really thought diving isn't for me plus all the expenses that this leisure requires... but what the heck! and i did enjoy it a lot.

it sucks going to Palawan and not to dive at all, yah sure island hopping blah blah, but Palawan is a diving mecca and the place has a LOT, 12 in total, Japanese wrecks from world war 2. how cool is that?!

so I did two dives reef + wreck, and the spanyolas did three, i am not yet ready and capable of doing a 40m deep wreck dive for now but i will be back for sure.
i will be concentrating on my diving license with Dane when the wind is gone so i can come back and conquer the 40m deep Olympia Maru Wreck...excited*

Just look at that strong wind, am surely overpowered on my 6m on this wind and going for SUPER big air, i don't know what happened the night before our flight but we went partying at B-side and forgot about bringing our kites...uhhhh ohhhh, and we almost missed our flights you can see in our airport shot (me and elena are in the best state of our lives) it really sucked, feeling the wind that strong and we had no gear...huhuhuhu

o well we had so much fun anyways :)


Sense and Style Magazine

Big love to the people behind Sense and Style Magazine who thinks am worthy to be featured in their glossy pages last March 2010 for the Girls of Summer.

As usual it was about all the watersports that i do, why i do it, what motivates me and all that sh*t :)

its funny how some people are amazed that i love being in the water so much, i answered: i was a mermaid in my past life...they didn't buy it.. lol

thanks guys!!!!!

i took a photo of the article with my iphone so i don't know if the text is readable if you click to enlarge...i hope so :)


KTA - Boracay Leg official video

Great Edit!

KTA Boracay Leg Video on Vimeo

i don't think i did justice on my KTA Boracay post so here's the video link for all of you guys to see.. plus a cameo by me during the fashion show...on a bikini. ek, why me?


My New Car

Big Thanks to Hangin Kite Center

Am loving my new car and i rode it as soon as i got it

**The 6m Rebel 2010 from North Kiteboarding**

it's so quick, the response is amazing... i loooove it!

KTA - Boracay Leg 2010

the Pros really know how to steal the scene

Mallory of NKB and Flo of Naish
during the awarding

The girls in the podium

Carla, Kathrin and Nuria

taking the win for the Boracay KTA Leg Robin Snuggs of Flexifoil


A couple of days before the KTA began we had an Windless All girls kite clinic with Susi Mai, even without the wind, the girls got to know each other, good, bad and funny stories were told and we all came out inspired to ride some more *

Me, Susi Mai and Dane ( The only Filipina rider )

Youngest KTA rider Stefano

Carla Del Moral shredding it!

Skipper's Meet

Big Love to our sponsors
purple is in!!!

The First Ever KTA - Kiteboard Tour Asia

Leg 4 - Bolabog Beach, Boracay, Philly

and again am very glad to be part of the KTA - Philippines crew.

Am looking forward to something bigger and better next year!!!!