Saturday, September 7

Rise of the Neo-Bourgeoise

In one of the discussions about decisions and opportunities, my yoga mentor and “2nd mom”, Louise, told me in a sarcastic tone “it’s hard to be young, you have so many choices, so many opportunities that you don’t know what to do and where to go.”

And that is completely true.
Have you ever wondered what would have been, if you made that other choice?
What would be your life be like?

Well, I am not saying that I am not contented with what I have chosen, I am completely happy with where I am now but just to give a try and to create some sort of discussion with my brain, as I always do.

My two-week break after an intense summer season of kiteboarding in Greece has brought me to the City of Love, Paris.

Why did I choose to go to Paris?

It’s been the hardest summer away from home I’ve ever had, I must admit. It was a struggle for me. But Alas, I’ve made it through in one piece, thank god! Now, it’s time to rest and start fresh again. (PS: love your body, you only have one)
In most, if not all my yoga practices, I’ve been wishing in my intentions for a sign, a sign to help me decide on where to go to take this much needed rest.

Find your Balance. Hold your Ground.
(not really much of a sign, but a clue on what my soul needs right now in order to regenerate and prepare me for what I think is the busiest upcoming season in Asia).

A bit of History.

My Aunt, The youngest amongst my mom’s siblings, resides in Paris.
I remember when I was young I would look up to her. My mom would show photos of her in her travels and performances.
Her story is like a fairytale, she is this graceful, beautiful dancer traveling the world with her art (dance) and finally residing in Paris, fell in love and got married and now a mother of 2 beautiful girls, running a family owned restaurant at the heart of the city.

Being born from a family of artists, dancers and “amateur” beauty queens, my parents, particularly my mom made sure (being the only girl amongst four children) that I was on same track. I was juggling classical ballet, piano lessons, ballroom dancing classes, theatre arts, painting, etiquette classes and even an interactive computer course on basic French for kids, plus of course school.

After university, I was determined to go to Paris, go to arts school and be everything that I always dreamed to be when I was 7 years old.

But things change, we change, i changed. i cannot imagine myself living away from the beach, it was just to hard to be away from the ocean. 

My childhood best friend shared the same sentiments, we were inseparable and always up to no good, dreaming about stars, theatre, dance and fashion A LOT!
Her name is Adrienne, she is now living in Paris studying fashion design. 


Although I was groomed to be a prim and proper young lady, I loved playing in the streets. Skating, Biking, Roller Hockey, all these fun activities that only boys were playing at that time. (I was still one of those lucky kids who played in the streets, climbing trees and jumping cliffs instead of playing Wii.)

Looking back, or even until now, am sure my mom disapproves of most if not all of the activities that I do, which do not fit into the category of Lady-Like, but now she is just left to accept what her little ballet princess has become.  – I hope she still likes the fact that I often wear a rainbow ballet tutu when am out to have some fun kiteboarding. Right mom? 

I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO THANK MY MOM, with all the hard work she has done to make sure i grew with all these knowledge behind me. Oh Believe me it was not an easy job to raise me. LOL


As much as I know I do not need to justify my career of choice to anybody, I would like to share with you what kiting brings to me - in my own sense of the world around me. it gives me so much inspiration .

Kiteboarding, which I truly believe is my own interpretation of Dance, an expression of my soul the way I know how, within the elements where I think I truly belong and that is wind, water and a board 

I loved the fact that i came to paris at this time, it was destined to be so i believe for me to be here at this state of soul, heart and mind. With openess to the world but also knowing what and who you want to be in the next few years.
thank you universe 
Namaste <3 font="">


So before setting out to this small city adventure
I’ve set out a few goals for me to do.

The goal of this trip is to revisit my childhood dreams for a 2 weeks.

To rest my body to prepare for a good season back in Asia.

To visit my family and feel like a kid again.
(since I was in the worst homesick-ish state i’ve EVER been)

To visit some friends, particularly Adrienne 

To get some inspiration for the mind and soul.
(PS: don’t forget to exercise your mind as well)

To Skydive.

To go back to learning French
(I got stuck in learning about fruits when I was young)

Finish my workbooks
(its always books before boys J) LOL

Gain a few kilos to at least not look unhealthy-thin
(although now I think I have to loose 1 kilo again)


On my first day out in Paris with my auntie,
Clad in her classic Balenciaga demeanor, she gave me a look from head to toe with
what she believes is a tacky taste in color combination and prints that resides in my outfit for the day.
Are you a hippie? She said.