Tuesday, July 24

See To Believe

Paros is such a beautiful spot.
i remember i had a moment of bliss a couple of weeks ago 
just cruising around the spot over sunset.
My God, it's pretty! 

So i took my GoPro out to let you see
what i see. 

PS: this was a really windy day, i had to depower my 7m and was cruising fast. 

So, Ms. Anny Barlow decided to come this season to Paros too.
check out findbarlow.blogspot.com

Sunday, July 22

Paros by Night

Paros is lovely during the day 
and it's lovelier at night.
here are some snaps from a night out in Naoussa.
Naoussa is a small town here in Paros where all the restaurants and bars are located.
My greek friends told me that when Greece was having problems with piracy during the older days they came to Paros via the Naoussa port.

I also love going to Naoussa for the best Loucoumades in town, the best dessert in the world.


Naoussa is known for the Parties but Paros is known for the chill out and relaxed life
here is what i see outside our house.
I took this during a full moon night 
and also some long exposures when there was no moon and you can see all the stars

Paros mostly thrives from farming olives and other vegitation
so our house is situated in a farm area and light is very scarce at night so you can
see the gazillion stars in the sky.

Greece being relatively cloudless during summer gives you the most spectacular view of the night sky which is just breathtaking.
check out the pictures.
there is one picture where a plane passed by and it created a line in the sky. 
i find it funny.
thats all. 

cheers from windy, sunny and starry Greece X

Wednesday, July 11

Smile with your eyes

its high season here in Paros and its lovely.am so glad i came back here. The school has been really busy and i've been enjoying a 9pm sunset everyday which is really cool.

I get to spend a lot of time in the water and that kinda makes me forget to update my blog because i always think i have time to do it at night but the day here is soooo long, when it gets dark its almost time for bed :P


I've been pretty well these past few weeks after that freak stupid crash i had in the triple s and this neck injury which is recovering quite fast thanks to the healthy greek food and my healthy life here in Paros as always.

Ive been concentrating on just making myself better in general, just really focused on healing right now.
my days are filled with Yoga Sessions, my breakfast consisting of oats and bananas with almonds - to avoid cramps ( #things youaretrainedtodowhenyouwereanathleteinschool) lunch mostly consists of fresh veggies, feta cheese and sometimes pasta. and for dinner - trying to learn some greek dishes and my gyro/souvlaki fix.
Ive also been disciplined, like really disciplined on my alcohol intake, which i admit is really hard being in Greece during summer when all your friends and everyone else around you is on vacation feening on some drunk dancing.
---ive been drinking Milk and Nesquik instead of beer :P
i'd take a bottle or two during weekends but thats it.
i feel like a minor. hehe.

of course in between are the daily kite sessions and painting my nails plus taking pictures here in beautiful paros.

Am so keen on getting back in riding. and also am stoked on the new stuff i've learned over the past sessions i have had. I learn a lot when i kite here in Paros, everyone else just helps each other with the riding instead of competing with each other which is what i think is great about the crew here same as how it was with the Triple S crew and the OBX kite community in general. Cant wait to get 110% again and be back on my boots in no time <3

But best of all i believe it's the fresh air, warm sun (vitamin D) and the beautiful scenery that has mad my recovery so good and fast as far as today.

So am sharing you these images i took the other day. This is my daily route (5mins on push bike/10min walk) to Paros Kiteboarding Center from our House here in Paros, Greece. <3
taken at 9am.

hope you love them as much as i do, every morning when i pass by.
let these images from my eyes, make you picture how these things give me a nice smile on my face

Cheers and Windy Greets 
from Paros, Greece

Tuesday, July 3

Stunnin' bright lights and neon tights! - The Triple S Invitational 80s night.

it's never too late for any 80s party.
So here are some snaps from the rad and bright 80s party for the 
Triple S Invitational 2012

i also wanted to post this because we were hoola hooping with LED lights!

fun night!!! check it out


The man behind the event and that huge 80s longboard. super awesome!!!