Thursday, February 24

back to blind

I've been running around like a headless chickee AS USUAL
With this NEW and "GROWN UP" decision i made a couple of weeks back
my mood has been going up and down
and i just find myself staring at blanc spaces every so often.

In the previous post i was Derailed last january, for all the plans that didn't push through which created a domino effect in everything going on with my life right now
and currently suffering the consequences that it brought on my lap.

This lovely month of Feb, am blind. Literally blind on what lies ahead of me.
Though i really wanna do a backloop to blind in the kite right now as i am prepping up for
KTA Boracay.LOL
- sorry i jsut cant think of something more creative than this for now.

All my so-called creativity is being sucked up into one place right now and it's kinda driving me crazy.

**i really can't see the point how can companies want to keep their supposedly "creative" employees inspired when they wanna keep them clocked-in to a four wall space from 9-5pm 6 times a week. ** just wondering here a bit, and maybe somebody can give me an answer i can believe about this one.


The wind has been very nice to me lately by staying at 15-20knots which is perfect for my Cabrinha SB 7m and good to practice stuff unhooked.


For the last couple of days

at 7am i wake up for breakfast and try to squeeze in a sched before my ITC course starts at
around 830am and ends around 4pm when the wind usually dies and i cannot go practice anymore. Am missing out on my sunset sessions because of the pile of work on my lap (AM NOT complaining ok, am jsut sayin' :) ). Am missing out on a lot of parties lately because i have to get up early and usually to tired to function and dance.. i wish there are more hours in the day so i can do more stuff like hosting a dinner for some friends. <3

AM really glad i still made it to the ABC party
(hey am not missing out on an costume party around me)
but i went home early coz am tired so i only had pics to see how Fuckt everyone was.
i really missed a good one right there.

i received roses on valentines day

well at the end am stll very happy on where i am right now

Friday, February 18

back home to Naga

CWC has always been a home to me too.
so heading there just for a few days with friends for some fun surely makes me happy
Nice to see everyone again
this time there was nothing going on, no event just chilling and riding with Tynna and the rest of the crew

We almost got the park for ourselves so we were able to film a lot.
were coming out with a sick vid anytime soon.
and some pics too in the post production room right now.

so for now these are some lame photos from my Ipone Cam :)

--It was a long fun trip catching a flight from kalibo at 7am is not a joke.peace --

Wednesday, February 2

DeRailed Posting: January 2011

January is crazy!!! I don't even know where to start...

1. I Got my Hair color changed FINALLY. goodbye orange blonde hair. hello Ash Blonde.
I just hope it doesn't turn green or something after a few kite sesh.
2. My friend Kate and Noel got married after 5 years and 7months with each other. I still remember meeting kate on their first week together as a couple. <3>
3. Since i've been out of the water alot because of my knee i only go kiting for specials occassions like a day trip to union bay where it's less choppy which will give less impact for my knee.
4. And since am out of the water i've been in party rehab with all the other guys from room one and "Justin Beaver" A.K.A. Anton Lilljegren with the rest of the swedish french toast mafia - whatever that means to them.
5. Had fun organizing the parties again for the 22nd Boracay International Funboard Cup - the 80s party was crazy AS USUAL! and the fashion show was extra crazy cause on of the guys stripped in the end. haha.
6. I also went out kiting in my crayon costume and my friend's blue wig. It was sooo fun! But also kinda hard, i really didn't think it would be though.

There are also sad .. i mean LESS happy things that crossed my path last month
1. I didn't get to compete for the WWA 2011 because of my knee and my crazy ass schedule for january.
2. My shoulder is F*ckt. ahhhhh. NOTE TO SELF: unhooking in 30+knots is not a good idea.
3. My Kite is Broken :(
4. Am not gonna make it to thailand :(
5. My BRAND NEW 60D got wet and is not working anymore. i had to bring it to Canon and shell a lot of cash for the repair :(
- am really unlucky when it comes to electronics you know. i really don't get it. a few months back i broke my GoPro on my FIRST DIVE in Malaysia and now my 60D :(
-am on my 3rd or 4th G2 Iphone for the last 2 years. i really don wanna upgrade it because i know am just gonna break it or lose it along the road.

I've made a very grown up decision the other day which will change my life for the year. I actually saw it coming but i never thought i'd have to decide this month.
Crossing my fingers that am gonna survive this "change" am gonna do.
Ill tell you more about this in a separate post. For now am just really gutted and hoping that am doing the right thing.

o well, the sun doesn't stop shining. <3


wow, i didn't realize how long my hair was.

I can see my red head self from where i was seated.

BOOM!!!! Thank You again David Salon


Kate is the prettiest bride everrrr

She had a really really rad wedding and the reception set up was amazing.
am such a sucker for set deign/interior stuff am so amazed when i went in.

wedding turned grand reunion - so fun reminiscing about stupid stuff we did in college.

i kinda feel bad not staying for the after party, my stomach was hurting so much so i had to go :(

Union Bay here i come - Photos by Anny Barlow

fun trip turned sour when my camera broke :(