Sunday, December 26

Testing 123..60D

Tested the Canon 60D for action shots today.
it was really fun shooting with some of the guys. The guys that helped me with my kiting since day1
it was kinda cloudy and we got "banned" because we're breaking the 50m rule for non students. Especially me since am managing a kite school and should be the one telling them off and go upwind.
Tomorrow we start early while there are no students in the water yet.
Low tide and kitable for non-beginners at 7ish AM
see yah.

this is a good distraction for me with my F*cked up knee that is keeping me from going crazy in the water. sniff sniff.
o well.


here are some shots i took

now i just need a guinea pig to do a video..hmm

Tuesday, December 21

Happy Holidays!

Am not really feeling the holidays this year.
Or maybe i was just tooo busy this month to actually think about it.

I went to see the Chiro the other day and lo and behold i have an isolated PCL tear on my RIGHT knee this time. Gosh!

No Kitesurfing nor wakeboarding, skating, surfing, running for the next 6 weeks!
I think am gonna die. ;(

At least it doesn't require any surgery, just need to go to rehabilitation for some therapy for the next 6 days (which includes christmas day), REST and WALK in these Crutches which i was also sporting in one of my past posts after that surface Railey Carnage.. Seems like the vacation i had in mind is not gonna happen.
I just want my knees to have full recovery.
On that light, i had to do therapy for both my knees since i was too hard headed to go to therapy when my left knee gave up on me maybe a year ago in the cable (again).

**lesson is - don't take "unusual pain" for granted. see a doctor right away.

To top that all off:
the Next 6 weeks includes the busiest month in Windsports here in the Philly Islands or actually in ASIA

with 2 major event for kitesurfing = KTA Vietnam Round 2 and Boracay Funboard Cup 2011

++ Ultimate Wake Championship happens too!!! ARGGGG!

i was sooo excited that i even made a post about it. ARGGG!

I hate this!
I was so annoyed just thinking about seeing everyone ride and am just sitting down...
so annoyed i bought a new camera (which i really need BTW)

+ got my hair did again at DAVID SALON
(which i BADLY need as seen from the first photo)
+ my nails and my toes painted too. :)

This guy is giving me the BEST scalp massage EVER!!!

Purple it is!

+Got my Iphone Replaced

I had to make sure i have
PvsZ, Angry Birds, Fifa, Parking Lot and Diner Dash all loaded up

OH yeh!

at least i get to shoot some clips and photos while nursing my knee in the sideline at the Funboard Cup and Ultimate Wake.

KTA Vietnam would have to wait for Round 3 for me

next stop

PKRA Thailand + KTA Boracay + KTA Thailand + KTA Korea.

PS: my hair has turned from Pheonix Red to Ginger to This Blonde in 2 months!

The curls are nice too?! i should just get a Perm then? maybe?

Here's something to make you smile today.
Watch it.
Happy Holidays from the Cabrinha Philippines Family

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Monday, December 20

January Rundown

So many things going on for the first month of 2011

Bring it on!

Now, the question is where to go?!

Can i split myself in to 3 please?!

--this is gonna be an exciting month--

am already getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Round 2 KTA Vietnam

January 12 -16, 2011


for more details

Ultimate Wake Championship 2011
Jan 19 - 23, 2011
for more details

and of course, the longest running Windsport event in the Philippines

The 22nd Neil Pryde
Boracay International Funboard Cup 2011
January 24-29, 2011
for more details

Friday, December 17

Wind or no Wind Board Jam 2010

*Epic Event*

Great crew!

flew early in the mownin' of the 3rd to CWC hoping to get some sleep after that hectic schedule up in Pagudpud for the All Chicks came.
Who am i kidding?!
i ended riding (as usual), drinking some beers and partying til the next day.

CWC never changed.
It's fun to be a participant again in an event instead of organizing it.


At Day 2 - I was already covered with Salonpas and icing my ankle + knee

talk about taking it easy on the cable...

At Day 4 my hair was a sticky mess; good thing i got my hair weapon from laura before i left boracay

At Day 9 - my back/knees and ankles are killing me already but i cannot leave this place without having a nice last sesh. i wont be back in the cable for awhile.

See you next year for the WONW event

Thanks to

Republ1c/Gov Lray/Mauricio Abreu

Cabrinha Kites/ION Essentials/David Salon/Headware

Wednesday, December 15

CasaBlanca Night

A very successful CasaBlanca night again + welcome party for north/ION team rider Tom Court.

Here's Tom with the guys joining the KiteLoop Challenge
all glammed up with their Bow ties

Steve, Nick, Tom
Archie, Yetkin, John,Reo,Chris
Not in photo:
Paul- busy playing the crab race

Thanks to everyone who supported this annual fundraiser

here are some snaps from my cam

It was my first time to play poker everrrrr.
i said ill give it ago since it's a fundraiser - winnings all come in goods

though i know how to play cards don't get me wrong, the rules are the same as Pusoy Dos - i don't remember what it is in english. Am just not familiar with the betting and all, 2 of the guys went all in with their chips thinking i really don't know how to play so yah i creamed them with a full house whoopie!

PS: that basket next to me contains chips too. hehehehe

Thank God for Rebootizer

My Last Pack :(