Sunday, December 12

Got My Hair Did

after the intense wind we had for the girls camp in pagudpud- me, susi and josefin really needed to go to the salon and quick!

good thing there's a David Salon in Naga where we're headed for the wind or no wind board jam

one of the girls from the camp Annett, AKA Barbie is gonna come join us too!!!


We also tagged along two dudes who are game for a little salon pampering

Ruben opted for a simple haircut

as for Aaron, its a different story.

I think he was still drunk when we went to the salon, as he was not in his right mind i think?!

Blonde anyone?!

though it didn't work as planned

i had a front row seat (with matching footspa, mani, pedi and hair treatment on the side) on what happened to his hair.

reminded me of my own bleaching experience

but after all the tears and sting of bleach mine turned out well. lol

Killin' it! wohooo!

Here's Aaron's hair progression


Take 1

Take 2

Over it.

Yo brotha!- soooo funnyyyyy

Waiting for Azza's hair to finish took ages

so me and the girls decided to get matching streaks of purple/burgundy on our hair.

mine didnt turn out like annett and susi's coz my hair is naturally dark

but still really cute that i decided to get two more strips.

Draco-Aaron edit courtesy of Will

Thanks to Davids Salon

PS: sorry for the delayed posts... so much photos to choose from for both the WONW board jam and the kite camp. Stay Tuned.


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