Friday, December 17

Wind or no Wind Board Jam 2010

*Epic Event*

Great crew!

flew early in the mownin' of the 3rd to CWC hoping to get some sleep after that hectic schedule up in Pagudpud for the All Chicks came.
Who am i kidding?!
i ended riding (as usual), drinking some beers and partying til the next day.

CWC never changed.
It's fun to be a participant again in an event instead of organizing it.


At Day 2 - I was already covered with Salonpas and icing my ankle + knee

talk about taking it easy on the cable...

At Day 4 my hair was a sticky mess; good thing i got my hair weapon from laura before i left boracay

At Day 9 - my back/knees and ankles are killing me already but i cannot leave this place without having a nice last sesh. i wont be back in the cable for awhile.

See you next year for the WONW event

Thanks to

Republ1c/Gov Lray/Mauricio Abreu

Cabrinha Kites/ION Essentials/David Salon/Headware

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