Tuesday, December 21

Happy Holidays!

Am not really feeling the holidays this year.
Or maybe i was just tooo busy this month to actually think about it.

I went to see the Chiro the other day and lo and behold i have an isolated PCL tear on my RIGHT knee this time. Gosh!

No Kitesurfing nor wakeboarding, skating, surfing, running for the next 6 weeks!
I think am gonna die. ;(

At least it doesn't require any surgery, just need to go to rehabilitation for some therapy for the next 6 days (which includes christmas day), REST and WALK in these Crutches which i was also sporting in one of my past posts after that surface Railey Carnage.. Seems like the vacation i had in mind is not gonna happen.
I just want my knees to have full recovery.
On that light, i had to do therapy for both my knees since i was too hard headed to go to therapy when my left knee gave up on me maybe a year ago in the cable (again).

**lesson is - don't take "unusual pain" for granted. see a doctor right away.

To top that all off:
the Next 6 weeks includes the busiest month in Windsports here in the Philly Islands or actually in ASIA

with 2 major event for kitesurfing = KTA Vietnam Round 2 and Boracay Funboard Cup 2011

++ Ultimate Wake Championship happens too!!! ARGGGG!

i was sooo excited that i even made a post about it. ARGGG!

I hate this!
I was so annoyed just thinking about seeing everyone ride and am just sitting down...
so annoyed i bought a new camera (which i really need BTW)

+ got my hair did again at DAVID SALON
(which i BADLY need as seen from the first photo)
+ my nails and my toes painted too. :)

This guy is giving me the BEST scalp massage EVER!!!

Purple it is!

+Got my Iphone Replaced

I had to make sure i have
PvsZ, Angry Birds, Fifa, Parking Lot and Diner Dash all loaded up

OH yeh!

at least i get to shoot some clips and photos while nursing my knee in the sideline at the Funboard Cup and Ultimate Wake.

KTA Vietnam would have to wait for Round 3 for me

next stop

PKRA Thailand + KTA Boracay + KTA Thailand + KTA Korea.

PS: my hair has turned from Pheonix Red to Ginger to This Blonde in 2 months!

The curls are nice too?! i should just get a Perm then? maybe?

Here's something to make you smile today.
Watch it.
Happy Holidays from the Cabrinha Philippines Family

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Honey V said...

:( Sorry your knees are keeping you from doing so much stuff that you love lately. On the plus-side though: your hair is BANGIN!!! That last pic is SO HAWT. Channeling Marilyn...

Unknown said...

thnks hon. see you in a couple of days!