Monday, December 13

DYNOmite and NEOlites!

Tom Court comes to Boracay tomorrow.

click the FB event link for details

call me +639178208685

Rad Jersey ++

Tentative Schedule

Dec. 14 - Casablanca Nite @ Dos Meztisos Free Tapas
Welcome Party and Fund Raising Party for Philippine Kiteboard Team Riders
Dec. 15 - Demo, Training, and Young Blood Search, Foosball Nite, Free Cocktail Hang Out Bar at Hangin Kite Center
Dec 16 - Demo, Training and Free Lunch
Dec 17- Training, Kite Garage Sale @ Levantin, Free Cocktail and appetizer
Dec 18 - Training, Free Dinner Boracay Kite Resort, Raffle Draw, Awarding
Dec 19- Training and Bye Bye Lunch with Tom


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