Wednesday, December 15

CasaBlanca Night

A very successful CasaBlanca night again + welcome party for north/ION team rider Tom Court.

Here's Tom with the guys joining the KiteLoop Challenge
all glammed up with their Bow ties

Steve, Nick, Tom
Archie, Yetkin, John,Reo,Chris
Not in photo:
Paul- busy playing the crab race

Thanks to everyone who supported this annual fundraiser

here are some snaps from my cam

It was my first time to play poker everrrrr.
i said ill give it ago since it's a fundraiser - winnings all come in goods

though i know how to play cards don't get me wrong, the rules are the same as Pusoy Dos - i don't remember what it is in english. Am just not familiar with the betting and all, 2 of the guys went all in with their chips thinking i really don't know how to play so yah i creamed them with a full house whoopie!

PS: that basket next to me contains chips too. hehehehe

Thank God for Rebootizer

My Last Pack :(

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