Saturday, November 24

Quality Time

Time is the only thing money cannot buy back from you.
so make sure you spend time with people 
that nurture your soul.

it's tourist week time for you when you know your friends are in town
visiting from halfway across the globe.

This marks my last weekend of parties for now.
the wind's been really great lately and 
i have some big news coming up in the next few days
its cray cray!!

can't wait.
am so excited! life is great. <3 p="p">

PS: my blogspot wont upload my photos for now. gotta get this fixed...hmmm

Monday, November 12

epic tales of a busy bee.

wow that was fast.
didn't really got to reflect that it's already NOVEMBER!! ahhh.
christmas is so near and also my new kite gear!!!

some extremely great news from me in the coming weeks.
am excited.
ok so i haven't updated my blog in a couple of WEEEKS!

it was a cray october as usual wrapped up by an awesome halloween party AS ALWAYS!
halloween is my favorite holiday just because i can enjoy it more with all the costumes.

I went as a music harajuku girl and not a lot of people got that, and i don't blame them.
Yes i have a liking for animes. as much as a lot of you won't like it.
the style of japanese art and culture combined.
super cute and interestingly cultural if you ask me.

check out one of favorites in that arena
Which you should all see!!

So yes october was very busy and here are some snaps on how that went down.
renovation at kasbah
Amihan season!!!
THE WIND IS BACK in bulabog and everyone is arriving!!!
can't wait. it's gonna be another exciting season.