Thursday, November 14

lessons from the rain

shit that was scary. i really thought i was gonna die.
ok yeah its not like this when i crash really bad because its just me,
and nobody else is involved in the extreme sport but me. its not that kind of scared..

on this case, its your whole life, the people that you love, your friends, your enemies, your co workers, everybody.

its insane to be in a situation when everyone think its the end of the world.
i admit i was scared, shit scared.

but i was proud to say that i did prepare for this storm.
in the last month ive been anxious and restless with no apparent reason, and always blaming it on mercury retrograde, things happening that are so random and upside down, to a point that i even came as the girl who is "not ready" for halloween just to have a few laughs about it.
am so glad to be with my "older sister" anamie who has been taking care of me. my yoga mentor, and mom on the island louise, and her family especially the two lovely girls satya and jordan who kept our spirits alive and keeping up with pure intentions. to rozie, clu and eminand djila who was also with us during the storm.

i vividly remember when i was young, i'd be so happy when there is a typhoon because we can stay at home and play in the rain before the sun sets, go to the beach and brave some rain while laughing and trying to outrun the neighbor's dog. when the storm hits you run indoors watching the chaos outside through your room window, when the night comes playing card games and reading books/ playing with your shadow inside the little fortress you built outside the garden made up of your blanket, lit by candelight, snuggling up with your siblings, this is how a stormy day and aftermath is like. when i was young.

but a category 5 storm was something ive never experienced before.
shit scared.
to the point that i even said my goodbyes to dear people in my life

but yes, so it seems to me that i was preparing for something huge but i was not ready and just dont know  what i was really preparing for. preparing my presence of mind, keeping my heart warm and putting on personal challenges in my life.

and then it hit me, all those learnings in the past few months through my favorite hobbies yoga and kiting and just everything thats happening around me, has brought me to a conclusion that i was preparing for this. this b*tch yolanda coming in trying to destroy the spirit of my beloved country with all its beauty and warm people.

am so grateful that i was at this state of self, to be a survivor in this aftermath.
apparently, due to a lot of LUCK, our island was spared from total loss of life compared to the survivors in leyte, samar, bohol and the list goes on. all those people that lost everything including their loved ones. those who dont have food to eat, no shelter, no water to drink and no loved ones to help each other survive.

I admit the load was too much for me to carry,all my staff, my friends and family, i was not ready.

if you check out the satellite images when the typhoon was passing through PANAY island, the eye of the storm suddenly disappeared and what was a category5 became more like a 3 which was a big sigh on my heart.
this is also a grave example on why the Filipino people have strong faith in GOD, good karma, allah,  or whoever is out there.

so i would like to take this time to thank every single human soul out there who has helped us filipinos in any way you know how to survive this aftermath, you should know that we are grateful and we will immensely pray for your good heart.
as of now we don't have much here in Boracay, but we are ok, there are more people out there who need your help more than we do. please send all relief goods and through the areas of Capiz, Antique, Leyte those that need it most.

we are now in #lifeafteryolanda day 6.
electricity in the main road is back, And most establishments are running on Generators, although fuel is running low on supply.
power and clean water is conserved.
phone signals are on and off.
most of the people here have no work since
the airport was closed for a few days.

but in the end what matters the most is that we are alive and tried the best way we can to survive this aftermath. i actually like this whole idea being back to how it was like to live in Boracay the first time i came here when i was a kid.

we sleep under the stars, the moon is your streetlight, you hang out with your friends amidst tall trees and fireflies. you play in the sea during daytime, you come to work using pen and paper and not your smartphone. it is amazing how mother nature teaches us lessons to live well in a new perspective, and she does it through all her beauty and fury. it truly clenses away all the unnecessary if you look at thr big picture in this thing called life.

in line with current situations i've learned a few things.some of this may not make sense but yeah thats what ihave in my mind and heart right now. and i might add, some of these lessons were learnt thehard way.

1. conserve. conserve your energy and your usage of any form of energy in everything that you do.
if you can't conserve your energy, breath some new energy (prana). practice yoga.

2. time is gold. so use it wisely and spend it with people that respect the value of your time.

3. Be grateful. always

4. have good intentions for yourself and for others and you will find happiness.

5. go on daylight saving time.

6. live in-sync with your natural environment and you will find peace

7.practice free energy sports harnessing natural elements.
go kiteboarding, it gives you a different perspective of nature and the element of the wind and sea on how powerful it is. learning to respect the other living things in this earth.

8. spend some time in hardship away from your comfort zone, its character building.

9. live a purpose driven life, dont exercise your right to live, maximize it for the greater good.

10.sometimes we need to be selfish to be selfless.

i know a few of you my kiteboarder friends from around the world is scheduled to come visit me and see my wonderful country full of good intentions, i am happy for you in braving to come, especially my girlfriends from the Triple S, all the KTA riders coming in on FEb, my friends from Greece, Paris and Amsterdam , FlyTheEarth and a lot more, i maybe too busy rebuilding my home, my island life, to organize all our trips, and help you on your itinerary but when the time comes, spend a day with me or two or even more and i will find time. share a piece of this to you, let me show you around the way i know how. feel the nature we live in the way we live it, and understand why i believe the filipinos are the happiest people on earth.

in times of darkness and rain, find time in appreciating the little things, for it is in them we hold most of our energy.

PS: for those who want to help, please help in your own little ways.
--- and remember to always have good intentions.
be a patron
a positive vibration patron.
Staying Strong. :)