Wednesday, March 27

Loud Basstard

Hey Guys,

Check out this little AD i did with Loudbasstard.

It's a sick product.
Ok i don't wanna sound like an AD
but hey,

it's bamboo amplifiers!! 
plus philippine made!

Ive been an avid fan of the brains behind Loudbasstard. 
The work that they do there in Cebu is just

idolizing them in my own way, as i love doing a lot of brand development work,
these are the people i follow on instagram. lol

So many new ideas! Cebu is great maybe i can pay a visit soon


Cebu or Samar? am contemplating on that.

so check out,

and see <3 p="">

Tuesday, March 19

Thailand in my heart

Thailand always held a special place in my heart. I've been coming to Thailand for the Past 3 years, the last 2 years was for the KTA in Pranburi. Pranburi is this little town that i learned to love.
Last year, i went there to participate in the KTA for the first time ever, competing outside the Philippines for kitesurfing. And i won't deny it, i cried before my heat. I didn't expect to compete, also with a new kite that i've never held before, it was a bit embarrassing especially those who saw me like Su, Ali and Rebecka, but hey am human! lol These girls have always inspired me to ride harder and helping me with kiteboarding related decisions along the way, especially Su Kay who is now part of the KTA crew, super stoked about it.. the KTA media department has done a great job in communicating to the rest of the world what we have going on here in Asia and it's great! - Thank you Su!

My canadian teammates Sam Medesky and David Drinkwater built a slider at Pranburi which made me wanna go there, plus there was a KTA going, a new cable park in Hua Hin and i just came from a very very bad situation in my life that i just had to escape and be alone for a bit.

I spent almost a month in Pranburi and it proved to be a place to heal my heart, mind and soul. Quiet, peaceful, and laid back. Everyday was like yoga, kite, cable, explore caves and mountains, eat thai food hang out with friends and do it all over again the next day.

Coming back to the place that healed me was a bit touchy, with the same people that i knew from before and a few good new ones too. Simple things made me smile like the same "Cha Ma Nao" - lemon iced tea vendor by the seaside, TRYING to drive a scooter - which i also learned here last year - and got to practice it again. This time i was driving more than 40. :) and many many familiar things.

i was so excited to kite here again, it may not be as windy as my homespot but the conditions here are perfect when there is enough wind for my 9m. flat, with little kickers. - ALWAYS the best conditions for my boots.. wiii! - check out the cool photos taken by my good friend, The infamous Game Face Pout captured yet again on camera by Anny Barlow!!! She also won first place for Women's TT Racing!! so proud!


This year's KTA was even more special as i won my first Singles Heat and am happy with my shared 7th with Polly Crathorne who is the current british freestyle champion at 18!!! wohooo

sorry guys i didn't make it up in the race ranks compared to Bintan, i didn't have the right gear for racing on light wind. :( but its ok, there is always a next time.

Adding more spice to this tour stop is Veso - a very awesome paraglider who was putting on a great aerial show for us AND filming from up above too!! Anny and sukie went on for a spin too!! i wish i also did :( - o well next time :)

Thailand will not be complete without some SHOPPING! i bought some nice rings from my lovely girlfriends back in Boracay and went on a food adventure with Kristiin, Rebecka, Stephan, Etc.

i adore this coconut ice cream!!! i don't know why it's not really available in the Philippines. grrr

Congratulations to all the winners, now am en-route home
to gear up for KTA Boracay in two weeks X

Check out all the videos That Frenchie made, this guy is a super talented 
filmmaker and rider as well!!!

We cannot even ride the cable together anymore like last year because he is busy with his awesome movies!
Great Job as always Jim!


aside from some riding action in Day 3, I also ended up presenting Day1 and some longboarding in Day2 (due to the lack of wind and too much energy)

Also, a few days before KTA Thailand, my new Lifestyle/Kite movie with my Teammates Victoria and Helena was released, so for those who haven't seen it, check it here.

I miss Victoria in this Tour stop too! she was super cool to hang out with.

Enjoy Watching

PS: The Triple S Invitational 2013 riders list is out, so stoked to be part of it again this year!!!
Can't Wait!

Check the full riders list

Cheers and Windy Greets

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS taken from Kiteboard Tour Asia.

Kitezone KTA Thailand Day 1 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Thailand Day 2 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Thailand Day 3 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Thailand Day 4 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 6

it's gonna be a ROXY summer!

yesterday i received an email invite to DVF and Roxy Summer Collection Launch.
and this is what it said

Come and See What Summer Brings

Roxy has always been in the heart of the beach culture, empowering trailblazing spirits to reach greater heights with much poise and grace. In light of this philosophy, a fashion industry icon known for celebrating natural beauty and confidence in each of her design, has collaborated with Roxy to come up with a fantastic summer collection!


I am a bit sad that i am not gonna be around for this as i really love DVF and Roxy and now both of them together!!! omg!!! Plus i wanna hang out more with the rest of the Roxy girls! haven't seen any of them since our last surf trip.


This wonderful invite also made my heart giggle.
not only is it very RAD, 

it is true that ROXY is the HEART of the beach culture. 
I am proud to be a ROXY girl and 
thank you for the wonderful opportunity that 
you guys have given me!!


Check out the 
Let the sea set you free finalists and Roxy Team riders from our 
last trip in Zambales.

For Video no. 2.

i love all these lovely girls!