Thursday, April 18

The Tooth Fairy

My impacted wisdom tooth is finally out.

after 3 years (since it first erupted) of contemplating if it should go or not
i finally decided that now is the time!
last week was the last haul of the wind and i didn't get to kite for the last 2 days because 
the pain was just insane that i booked a flight 
the next day and went to see a dentist in Manila.

Yes, i had to fly to Manila to get my wisdom tooth
extracted because nobody can do it here in Boracay.

The travel to and from Manila was exhausting as i am nursing a toothache
and takin the trike (tuktuk) to the port, sleepover at Bahari Kite Resort (Thank you Marc Nelson)
catch a van to kalibo at 2am, fly to manila at 530am and go the dentist at 9am.

the 530am flight was the only choice i had considering prices, its insane how can a 1 hour domestic flight cost you 7k php 1 WAY! wow! it's like going to Bali or something.
plus some flights you'd have to fly through Cebu then Manila.
now that i say is very exhausting.

and the ferries crossing to/from boracay stops at 10ish so yes, i had to sleep in union bay.
which turned out good in the end for the change of scenery away from the bright lights and hard pumping music of Station2 in Boracay.

I also got to see the new baby of Jemma and Bacchus of Mango Riders Union Bay. he is just so adorable.

I also got to hang with the kids there. it was a nice little break with an awesome sunset peaking from the clouds. sunsets from the east side of our spot is just amazing especially when there are a lot of clouds around.

I've been wishing that one day, i can spend the entire season in Asia being based in union beach instead of Bulabog beach, just to enjoy a less busy beach.
and finally work on fixing our sliders

PS: please somebody who has the same liking for sliders,
please spend some time to help me with this. 

anyways, am usually good at keeping my patience with flights but not with a toothache. 
I only had a backpack with me with water, pain killers and my Ipad (for my amusement).
i didn't bother to bring ANY clothes, as i can just ransack my old closet in Manila.

when i got in to town i went straight to the dentist and told him to hook me up with strong anesthesia for my tooth and take it out.

i really didn't feel a thing during the procedure but when the anesthesia wore offf.....
that was another story. I went back to the dentist after spending the whole day in pain just to get a prescription of stronger pain killers.

am not usually a fan of pain relievers but F*ck that, sorry for the language but it was just too much pain for me to handle at that moment.

i imagined it to be less painful. 
also am really pissed about not being able to move so much while am recovering.

am a bit bored now, i might say. 
i cannot swim, go underwater, do yoga, surf, kite or even just jump up and down. 

well, now i guess the body needs to rest for a bit and enjoy just being lazy. although, the fact that i cant really eat anything either is killing me...and i love to eat 
i've been eating oatmeal cereal for the last 2 days..ok i had a fish brochette and pita bread and hummus but it had to be cut in bits and easy to chew. and it takes me 2 hours almost to finish a skewer for dinner.


i feel like a sick baby.

but over the 3 days that i've spent in manila,
i managed to see all the brands i work with
since am working remotely in Boracay, technically.
they don't really see me often aside from my Facebook and Instagram updates 
plus the occasional blogging.

i had a nice lunch with the awesome peeps at Roxy/DC 
while my face was still double the size after the surgery . it was quite funny and sad
to have me eating miso soup and small sushi while everyone is chowing down their tonkatsus and tempuras.

PS: i always get extra excited when i enter this place

the next day, which was the most painful day of all, i was trotting around high on pain killers
when i met with Jeena and Jason from Headware and Tribu  - i finally saw my big mural in their office, and look, even a smaller one from my last snowboard trip from tahoe with my filipino flag

i also spotted the new package and marketing stuff for The New Body BAg which i personally adore, plus the mural of my kite friends too!!!
the new headware stuff drove me crazy! the prints are amazing!!!

who gave my hair a lift as usual! 
i am so stoked to be an official endorser now for this amazing company! 
Laura is one of my favorite hair stylist,
we worked for a David's Salon AD a few years back where she dyed my hair pheonix RED!
now we are collaborating for a new look on my hair for the summer. 

I was also hoping to catch my Boss from GoPro philippines when i passed by his office, who i know is extremely busy, to personally thank him for the new GoPro 3 plus the sweet mounts he stashed me with and also for aiding me in shooting for my 2013 season movie BLUSH #2. 

and, believe it or not i thought i was gonna eat elsewhere when i was in Manila but i still ended up in Kasbah - The Fort - just because! it's so sick to hang out there and the food is really great, seriously! 
I can live with Kasbah food for life!
i had din din with my wondertwin danielle
This is when i had the fish skewer.

a lot of chatting, since we are not neighbors anymore, havent seen her since my last manila trip.

The next day, i went back to Kasbah to Have lunch with my fellow Roxy Girl, Jo who i also havent seen for ages except on TV,

coupled with a fun chat with my amazing Boss,
the lady behind Kasbah - Madonna -
who is RAD in her own sophisticated way!

a few sick plans for the next season plus many more! so watch out for that.
Am personally very excited!

this moroccan cigars were yummy but i can't chew on them so well :(


To Summarize it,
i love all these people that i work with one way or another.
Looking back on how our partnerships started it was for a common interest

The BRANDS that i represent are not only good products/services but also looking at the people behind them, they have the passion to deliver to you (consumers) a product with a purpose and working with it with a lot of Passion, plus of course a genuine love for the environment and embodies an active lifestyle.

To all of you thanks for the laughs (to distract me from my aching tooth) and ideas.
Am excited for what the future brings to us! 

and also to your RAD new products
it's always to difficult to choose just one,
can i not get both? lol

PS: Thank you for the best "CARE" package in the world my Tooth Fairy, or should i say Tooth Faries!

Everyday i feel so blessed and loved!

Forgive my poor iPhone photos, i think i need to dust my lifeproof case clean

I am really high on pain killers right now...
Thanks for reading this long Post guys
and i really hope my tooth surgery gets better soonest.
i miss being in the water.

Peace.Love.Good Vs

Sunday, April 14

Last session + Heat Wave + Toothache

we are on the last blow of wind in our lovely beach
and i am a bit sad about it.
i wish i had an 11m or just for the wind to stay for a few more weeks.
but altogether it's been a great season! 

I am actually surprised that i used my 5m sooo much, i thought i would not be needing it too much
but i did!
Now i have a few weeks to endure this heat wave.
And i tell you it's freaking humid as hell and since it's the peak of 
summer in the Philippines, Boracay has been going off the hook with tourists!

I've been going nuts because there is toooo many people in the beach and one of the reasons i moved here is for the "laid back" life.

April is not laid back in this place.
Well, on the other side of things, parties are going on everywhere, even here in Kasbah.
so in the end it's still fun.

 i've been busy organizing parties here and there, can't even update my own blog, running around like crazy, can't even find time to hang out.
and i really wish for it to be over soon.

Today i get a day off because i am heading down to the city to get my first surgery ever.. and  am scared.

i've been trying for a year now, NOT to have my impacted wisdom tooth removed but the pain is just insane, i can feel it in my head and until the tip of my fingers.
Last night i was in so much pain, i had to drink mefanamic acid, anti bacterial and anti-histamine 
(because i just found out that am allergic to mefanamic acid, it makes my eyes and lips puff)
that i was knocked out at 7pm and missed the season closing party at Hangin Kite Center, what a bummmer. 
i also woke up at 1am because of the pain that i had to take a 2nd batch of pain killers :( 
and i am not really a fan of meds.

and i didn't stop taking the mefanamic acid, so now i feel like a dying puffer fish :/

o well,am gonna go to the doctor and be brave and get this tooth out. 

I'll try to post some pictures of my "first" surgery.

Here are some photos from my super lightwind last session in Bulabog.
(it was such an effort to even jump with my 9m being my biggest sail.)
but i was persistent as the next session i might have is in China

PS: this NBI e-clearance thing is driving me nutZ! 
why is it so hard to get a visa to china?!

Taken by awesome Micheal Webb

Thank you sooo much!

Thursday, April 4

KTA - Boracay 2013

WOW! now that was a Long Busy WEEK!

A lot of speculation was going around a week before KTA Boracay
since it is almost the end of our season and the wind was a bit sketchy already.
But hence, Boracay still delivered.
it did put up to it's name as one of the most popular tropical 
island destinations of the world and also one of the windiest places in Asia.

The wind started light which was good for racing and a little bit of freestyle when i can lightly use my 
9m (my biggest kite sail), then it just started to blow like crazy during the last day, i was OVERPOWERED on my 5 that my bar was jsut slipping out of my hands, and some of the guys were having such a great riding session with 7 and 6s.

This tour stop showed how busy Boracay can be, especially at that time which is easter week.
I did not really participate in the race for this stop as i was really really busy with work and a lot of work plus i dont have a big kite for this.
Competing during the busiest time of the year for us, got an A on my busy bucket list.
although, at the same time it's good for the publicity of Kiteboarding in the Philippines, and the local establishments that supported this event, of course including KASBAH :)

all the photos and videos about the KTA here in Boracay showed sunny blue skies, clear blue waters, happy people, good winds and a great kiteboarding community. What more can you ask for?

I just wish we have better internet in general so we can broadcast almost on real time
but hey, it's just insanely slow.
Day5 video is not even out yet and its already almost a week after the event.
it takes a day to upload a hi res photo up on the web..
things like these really pisses me off.

but anyways here's the day1-4 videos from the event
As you can see, kite racing is a big thing in the Philippines,
we have very good representation on this discipline up in the podium,
to the racers of the Philippines, congratulations!!! great job.

As for us freestylers, the boys are doing well and landing bigger and better tricks with more style.
As for the women.. there are still a few of us and i really do hope more girls come in and get into freestyle and surf. X

I've made it my personal job to get my board-riding friends to go kiting but i am too busy with other things recently that i cannot get them out in the water as much as i want to. :(
Next season it is then.

PS: I really would like to be less busy and spend more time with my friends and family and i know that the only one who can do this is me. working on it.

I am only less than two months away from leaving for the USA and Europe. I am nothing more than excited to do this again for the 3rd year. and hopefully go somewhere new as well.
I really wish though some of my friends can join me on this trip!

KTA Philippines 2013 Day 1 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Philippines 2013 Day 2 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Philippines 2013 Day 3 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Philippines 2013 Day 4 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.