Thursday, April 4

KTA - Boracay 2013

WOW! now that was a Long Busy WEEK!

A lot of speculation was going around a week before KTA Boracay
since it is almost the end of our season and the wind was a bit sketchy already.
But hence, Boracay still delivered.
it did put up to it's name as one of the most popular tropical 
island destinations of the world and also one of the windiest places in Asia.

The wind started light which was good for racing and a little bit of freestyle when i can lightly use my 
9m (my biggest kite sail), then it just started to blow like crazy during the last day, i was OVERPOWERED on my 5 that my bar was jsut slipping out of my hands, and some of the guys were having such a great riding session with 7 and 6s.

This tour stop showed how busy Boracay can be, especially at that time which is easter week.
I did not really participate in the race for this stop as i was really really busy with work and a lot of work plus i dont have a big kite for this.
Competing during the busiest time of the year for us, got an A on my busy bucket list.
although, at the same time it's good for the publicity of Kiteboarding in the Philippines, and the local establishments that supported this event, of course including KASBAH :)

all the photos and videos about the KTA here in Boracay showed sunny blue skies, clear blue waters, happy people, good winds and a great kiteboarding community. What more can you ask for?

I just wish we have better internet in general so we can broadcast almost on real time
but hey, it's just insanely slow.
Day5 video is not even out yet and its already almost a week after the event.
it takes a day to upload a hi res photo up on the web..
things like these really pisses me off.

but anyways here's the day1-4 videos from the event
As you can see, kite racing is a big thing in the Philippines,
we have very good representation on this discipline up in the podium,
to the racers of the Philippines, congratulations!!! great job.

As for us freestylers, the boys are doing well and landing bigger and better tricks with more style.
As for the women.. there are still a few of us and i really do hope more girls come in and get into freestyle and surf. X

I've made it my personal job to get my board-riding friends to go kiting but i am too busy with other things recently that i cannot get them out in the water as much as i want to. :(
Next season it is then.

PS: I really would like to be less busy and spend more time with my friends and family and i know that the only one who can do this is me. working on it.

I am only less than two months away from leaving for the USA and Europe. I am nothing more than excited to do this again for the 3rd year. and hopefully go somewhere new as well.
I really wish though some of my friends can join me on this trip!

KTA Philippines 2013 Day 1 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Philippines 2013 Day 2 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Philippines 2013 Day 3 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

KTA Philippines 2013 Day 4 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

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