Sunday, April 14

Last session + Heat Wave + Toothache

we are on the last blow of wind in our lovely beach
and i am a bit sad about it.
i wish i had an 11m or just for the wind to stay for a few more weeks.
but altogether it's been a great season! 

I am actually surprised that i used my 5m sooo much, i thought i would not be needing it too much
but i did!
Now i have a few weeks to endure this heat wave.
And i tell you it's freaking humid as hell and since it's the peak of 
summer in the Philippines, Boracay has been going off the hook with tourists!

I've been going nuts because there is toooo many people in the beach and one of the reasons i moved here is for the "laid back" life.

April is not laid back in this place.
Well, on the other side of things, parties are going on everywhere, even here in Kasbah.
so in the end it's still fun.

 i've been busy organizing parties here and there, can't even update my own blog, running around like crazy, can't even find time to hang out.
and i really wish for it to be over soon.

Today i get a day off because i am heading down to the city to get my first surgery ever.. and  am scared.

i've been trying for a year now, NOT to have my impacted wisdom tooth removed but the pain is just insane, i can feel it in my head and until the tip of my fingers.
Last night i was in so much pain, i had to drink mefanamic acid, anti bacterial and anti-histamine 
(because i just found out that am allergic to mefanamic acid, it makes my eyes and lips puff)
that i was knocked out at 7pm and missed the season closing party at Hangin Kite Center, what a bummmer. 
i also woke up at 1am because of the pain that i had to take a 2nd batch of pain killers :( 
and i am not really a fan of meds.

and i didn't stop taking the mefanamic acid, so now i feel like a dying puffer fish :/

o well,am gonna go to the doctor and be brave and get this tooth out. 

I'll try to post some pictures of my "first" surgery.

Here are some photos from my super lightwind last session in Bulabog.
(it was such an effort to even jump with my 9m being my biggest sail.)
but i was persistent as the next session i might have is in China

PS: this NBI e-clearance thing is driving me nutZ! 
why is it so hard to get a visa to china?!

Taken by awesome Micheal Webb

Thank you sooo much!

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