Tuesday, December 30

kicking some ass..as promised

As promised, here is a video of me kicking some ass in my new Melissa 09 Blingy Bindings. Its totally awesome especially riding during dusk because i can see the lights. 

Plus plus it more fun to learn in these because i can literally see the lights flashing when am in the water doing my thang! 

Aside from the lights what i like about this boot is its so easy to get in and out of, plus the new design technology gives maximum comfort.

I can definitely say that my riding has become easier and am more confident going up the ramps because i feel safe..hehe

simply awesome.

The MELISSA 09 Bindings ++ a the whole Liquid Force 09 stuff is available exclusively at REPUBL1C in PASONG TAMO ext. MAKATI CITY, also check it out online


Wednesday, December 3


We usually find ourselves stranded on the house on a sunday afternoon/early night, doing nothing-being lazy and usually stuck in the bed, nursing a hungover from the wicked saturday night parties.

BUT we are not classified as the usual, so yah where do we end up on a sunday?!

i got a pretty nice keychain from the street bazaar a couple of weeks ago, i bought it cause it reminded me of salad fingers..ehehe

so this is what's going on for us starting 4:20pm 

i lust for you creatures

hello there little girly thing! you make my heart melt. You belong to me and i will do everything to have you.

a short poem?!(deadma) i wrote for this "soon-to-be-mine" wakeboard bindings.

Can i just say that its the coolest thing ever! 

the little creatures on the straps light up when you do anything that involves jumping. ohhh!

So yah, there goes my christmas money, and my friends won't be getting anything from me this year.wehehe.

This baby is a keeper. ill post some photos of me in it when i finally have it.