Saturday, March 31

Made it alive

this is my first post in SF.
can i just say i love it here.
am so glad that am here. am with some good friends i havent seen in a while.

this city is amazing, i know am not a city "city" type of person, but Bay area is just one of those really pretty cities that you just have to live in once in your life.

yesterday i went to Crissy fields, one of the famous kite spots here.

and your backdrop is the amazing Golden gate bridge and upwind is Alcatraz.
how cool is that?
i also met Steve Gunn the local cabrinha distributor here.
Also met the local kite racers down at the spot since there was a race yesterday, and its a pretty well knit community.


today i made a really big mistake apparently, concern Facebook, uhhh i hate chatting with people when am in transit. i say stupid stuff.
but anyways, i try to mend it.
but its said and done.
i also do not regret what i said.
Truth is out!

PS: people that are bitter with their lives will never be happy for you nor be happy for any other being and their achievements for that matter.


PRIDE is overrated!

Always be happy for the soul that lives within you, and be happy for the souls that live around you.

Thursday, March 29

I cant get no sleep

am in seoul right now awaiting my last connecting to SF.
i already adjusted my watches and am tired as hell but cant get no sleep!
am so excited! so many ideas, so many friends to see, ahhhh! cant wait.
PS: the Seoul airport is awesome!
free wifi.
free sleeping couches
even 110 plugs for your 220s
now this is an airport!!!

i got my first DK official board today! DK is now the the product manager for Cabrinha boards and he is awesomeee!!!
cant wait to shred with this new one! looks really good :)

ok so here is ME in the podium for the KTA and

yes, am on the cover for Boracay Mag maiden issue March 2012

grab your FREE copy NOW!!!

available nationwide in the PI :)

am missing thailand though. a little bit.
especially the peeps i was hanging out with.
such a creative energy inspiration! just what i needed!


Tuesday, March 27

Endless Summer: Asia Edition 2012

Today is my last day here in Thailand.
I am off to HK for a couple of hours to meet with DK of Cabrinha and my Good friend Louise from HK/Sweden.

I had such a great and chill two weeks here. With the KTA wrapping up there are only less than 15 kiters in the whole beach. its awesome conditions except for the fact that there is no wind this past few days enough for my small kite.

This last 3 days has been hectic, we figured out that we havent been productive in filming; due to the lack of wind. so we just did the tourist route and did a lot of Cable. Made me progress in my passes again which is siiiick! i just had to get over that initial first handlepass after the big shoulder injury. wohooo! so stooooked about it.

I also got to reflect a lot on my own here in pak nam pran and also since i wake up so early (1 hour time difference makes a lot of sense here.) do some yoga.

I got to spend a lot of time with other people here living like neighbors in a summer house. joy rides, breakfast by the beach and other random things! Its nice to be around people that are truly nice and creative and also supports you in whatever you do. Its such a nice break from being around people who just always bring you down and have issues with people who lives with a lot of luck

PS: Chivalry lives.

    • Then am off the the USA!
      SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA! to be exact. and am really really excited!

Saturday, March 24

Living local

Its so nice to be one with the locals when you travel. Eat where eat, live like them, learn a few new words in the local language plus many more. We went to the cable again and i just cleared the full transferbox so am really stoked about that. Here are some snaps of our fun days in the streets of Pranburi

Tuesday, March 20

Luck, positive thinking, love and good karma

Am i not lucky!? I just bagged 2nd in the KTA asian tour 2012 womens freestyle! So awesome! And i just scored a brand spanking deal with some new brands too so its been a really awesome month! I thought i am not really gonna make it out here to thailand because my finances have been dwindling down but i just got to stay positive and believe its gonna happen and it did <3 i am now staying in Pak Nam Pran and i fell in love with the place in a different way this time, went here last year and it was a different vibe too. This year there is a new rixen cablepark just near pranburi which is around 45mins to the kite spot. So its a perfect place to go to enjoy some decent rails when the wind is not blowing! Did i mention that the kite spot is amazingly beautiful with a flat lagoon when its low tide and perfect set of kickers when the tide is up! I cant really say anything less than a <3 so ill be here for the rest of the month then quick stop in HK at the Cabrinha HQ and then Bay area baby!!! Whooop whooop! I am having a blast but i really miss some friends too!

Caveman and Pacman+Sarah, This post is for you! Miss you guys!

Headed to the future

I thought i would be a wreck arriving malaysia from lack of sleep but not really, guess am excited for tonight! Now am stuck in the airport waiting for some people
Ps: am not holding other people's tix again! Lol
Just had a nasi lemak breakfast :)

Thursday, March 15

Pak nam pran with love and good vibes

Pak nam pran is such a chill place! Today i experienced the spot first hand because last year we didt have any wind when i was here! And its sweeet! Not to mention it was also my heat for the comp! It was great i had fun and learned a lot about myself and my riding today! Now am just waiting for some days until we put the slider up !!

Day 1 KTA edit

ok guys the KTA Day1 vid is out!

watch it :)

Kitezone KTA Thailand 2012 Day 1 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 14

KTA Thailand

the wind has been very light but everyone is just here hanging out. we went to the new Rixen Cablepark in Hua him and it was really fun i just hope i got to ride some more.

check my FB page and instagram for some pictures :)

am enjoying my stay here in Pranburi, a different scene!
very quiet and quaint.

i feel so happy and blessed with everything going on with life right now. in a couple of days i go to Malaysia for the future music festival then i head to San Fo!!!


Sunday, March 11

Art attack

Am just in time chilling here at Clark with mandy and a workshop on print making. It was really fun but i was a bit unsatisfied with my work in the end! Ha! I was always excellent in this things but lost it along the way, here are some snaps! This place is a future venue for workshops, art gallery and cafe.

Friday, March 9

ultimate hang out

ok so i need to bid good vibes and hang out with some friends before i leave.
dinner with ilyana.
mall ratting with Dane.
Tin's Bday
M cafe Thursday with special appearance from Chie and Diego Maps
and of course.

Am headed to pampanga now to hang with Shey&Amanda at Oasis maybe? do some yoga
and play with my favorite nephew.

i have this new app in my pink bunny eared iTouch and its sick! here are some pics i took with it in Timezone G4!!

This is for all my Timezone buddies

Monday, March 5

moving forward

the last 3 months has been really crazy for everything.
2012 is a year of recovery and realization.

A lot of people that you call friends shows you their true form when they have no need for you, nor when they realize you know more than what they think
and when you get vocal about your feelings they just see you as a prick.

o well, these are the times you can see who your real friends are and who are your frenemies.
some of them might have even seen you as an enemy from the very beginning so they made friends with you.
am still Macbook less, am in my brother's PC here in Manila-
i left the sunny island of Boracay a couple of days ago to bring Anton to the airport and to make way for another shoot and my last surf trip for the season.
it is a blast spending this last trip with the true surfers that i actually grew up with
its nice to see everyone still working with what we love the most!

Thanks Lor, Rozie, Joey and Gang for a nice last hurrah for my 2012 season in the Phil. see you on December guys X

stayed tuned for pics and vids of our trip

i <3 Rip Curl

PS: so hard to pack your life 35kilos for the next 6 months. ouch

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