Saturday, March 31

Made it alive

this is my first post in SF.
can i just say i love it here.
am so glad that am here. am with some good friends i havent seen in a while.

this city is amazing, i know am not a city "city" type of person, but Bay area is just one of those really pretty cities that you just have to live in once in your life.

yesterday i went to Crissy fields, one of the famous kite spots here.

and your backdrop is the amazing Golden gate bridge and upwind is Alcatraz.
how cool is that?
i also met Steve Gunn the local cabrinha distributor here.
Also met the local kite racers down at the spot since there was a race yesterday, and its a pretty well knit community.


today i made a really big mistake apparently, concern Facebook, uhhh i hate chatting with people when am in transit. i say stupid stuff.
but anyways, i try to mend it.
but its said and done.
i also do not regret what i said.
Truth is out!

PS: people that are bitter with their lives will never be happy for you nor be happy for any other being and their achievements for that matter.


PRIDE is overrated!

Always be happy for the soul that lives within you, and be happy for the souls that live around you.

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