Tuesday, April 3

happy corner

i am very happy here in SF,
aside from the fact that i have a cool krew here
i just love this city so much. it like happy corner on every street.

today i went to the park to walk rocket and i found a nice place where i can do yoga and meditation just down the street, how rad is that?
i also saw some awesome stuff in the way.

Spring time in SF is unbelievably nice.
cant wait til some of my friends get here in the end of the month.

i went kitesurfing for the first time here in SF
dang its cold! but its cool cause its really sunny. i even got sunburnt.
anyho, having a wetsuit is the only solution.

Ok ama go down to haight street now and find myself some rad stuff and take some more pictures.
this is like a street photographer's haven!! its so sick! i havent even busted out my DSLR yet am just taking stuff off from my instagram.

and still its awesome!!

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