Monday, April 16

Purple Skunk

awesome party from Purple Skunk!

so tiffany my effin' awesome other roomate tagged me along an art/skate/music exhibition
at Purple Skunk in Richmond, SF. Hope i got that correct.

We we're hangin out with Brandon of Caliber trucks co. He showed me a couple of their awesome rider pictures and yes they are great!!!
and you can check those pics out here and see their rad products too.


Caliber trucks is available in the Philippines too! check out your dealers :P

so here are some snaps from the party.

i met this amazing girl, her name is Yvonne and she loves art :)

plus this cool DJ Reo Stevens II ! sick emerica cap too!!

thanks to the guys at purple skunk! ill hang out again for sure!

Purple Skunk is RAD!

PS: i won some wheels and Unit tool in the raffle during the party. ha! am so lucky with stuff like this!!!

now i just need some caliber trucks and a new deck. :)

i got this new Photo App. its cool - Pudding Camera
and also mutli lens

its like instagram but better! you can make up nice photo stories about your day :)

PS: i got some inquiries about my shoe and bag collection. sorry guys
i dont collect either.

am usually shoeless in the beach.
but i used to collect skate sneaks and chucks when am in the city.
so here is the collection i have.
i love stuff i wear in my head.
am bummed i lost a lot of them in my travels though.

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