Saturday, April 14


2nd time in the snow!
Don't really remember how it was the first time.
But yes, it was awesome!
Fresh powder came down at Tahoe so the crew at homelight
decided to hit the slopes!
it was so fun.
My ass is bruised but am hella stoked on snowboarding.
i have a feeling i will be doing this more often than necessary.
Everything was perfect, sunny, fresh snow. awesome cabin and great crew!!
there's something about snow that makes you happy.

thinkin about it i was singing and just giggling to myself everytime i go ride down a slope, even though i was listening to hardbanging techno.

here are some snips from the trip.
it was a mission to film with the DSLR so please forgive
Photos taken from my IXUS and my 1 billion dollar worth app, Instagram :)
visit the crew at Homelight

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