Monday, April 9

Best Easter Ever!

so, maybe this is the only easter sunday i spent being NOT hungover from the party the night before, and its wicked!
Easter here in SF is fun!
We went to a Big Wheelz Race today. it was the funniest thing ever. there were people in costumes AND drunk racing downhill one of the crooked roads here.
it was so funny. i hope i joined them too! it would be really fun ! maybe next time!!

this one here drove down a plastic harley davidson scooter.
no helmet no pads. so yeah. carnage time! its worse than seeing skateboarders crash in their movies! LOL

we also went to Dolores Park and it was sooo nice

i feel like i belong here. there were a lot of people doing POI, hoola hoops, Acroyoga, etc.
can't wait til my new toys arrive!!

here are some snaps from today
from my instagram

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