Wednesday, June 20

Sleazy's Bowl. Down time at the Triple S 2012

Here are some snaps i took with the GoPro during the 
skate session in Slezak's house. 
It's a sick bowl.

check out the nice pics. hope you like them :)

and of course a rad girl killing it
check out Dominique Granger
of Stance Magazine and 
Kiteboard for Cancer

check out what other great things this girlie does for the world <3

me in the stunner geishas - again.
i jsut love this pair of stunners.
so cute!

Monday, June 18

Summer sun shining brighter than ever.

i woke up with the sun shining on my face.
am so happy am back here in Greece for the Summer.
the weather is sooo awesomeee!!!
i must admit that the city is really not for me, and so is the cold,
life is better in my bikinis!hehe
I can say now that i've recovered well from my last unfortunate "encounter"
and i must admit i got really scared
and got to think a bit on what the future is gonna be.
for now, am just really stoked to be back in the water, where i belong :)
i went kiting today with a surfboard,  
the entire Paros kite team has been very helpful - so nice! 

my greek kite family always got my back and supports me in every way.
we spent the entire day shooting for my Roxy finalist challenge video. 
everyone had their own idea on how to make me look "roxy" lol
really excited on how it will turn out.
crossing my fingers X

here are some snaps from today's shoot

PS: for those who are still not decided on their summer plans
i suggest you come visit me here in Paros Island,
its an ideal place to learn how to kite, and for all you kiters, bring your small kites.

for more info visit:

Sunday, June 17

Longest flight ever.

so, this is my first post after being "stuck" in my longest trip ever.
After leaving OBX, i had to go on a drive to Newark with the Tribu team in the USA, see how they are like, hang out a little and fly out to Athens through Newark as well.
the drive was ok but took longer than expected, there were some minor stops that i didn't get 
to do before boarding the plane. I got to NWR just in time for my 13 hour flight to Athens with a stop in London.
The heathrow airport became a pain in the ass as i needed to change terminals in like 30minutes, running like crazy from one end to the next to catch my flight connection. At this point i was already feeling Dizzy. I slept the entire time during this flight from the moment i sat down. I would wake up periodically to change positions and my head felt like a balloon. I asked for ibuprofen ( which i don't) usually do) from the flight attendant. and drank A LOT of water hoping to make me feel better but it didn't. I arrived the airport and thank god my greek kiter friends Aphrodite and mike is there ( who got injured a couple of days before i arrived.)

the drive to athens was the worst, the traffic was bad and yeah greek drivers are not really the calmest in the world, plus the weather was not really helping as well.

Coming out from Chilly San Francisco then OBX then the hot summer heat in Greece caused my nose to bleed and at this point i decided that i need to get to a hospital already.

The doctors had to put me on a CT scan and held me in the hospital for a while. This is not my first time in a greek hospital, infact its my 4th one if am not mistaken but its the first for this trip. I Love greek doctors, they are very caring and you can really see that they know what they are doing and saying, the nurses were nice but it didn't help that they cannot understand english so well.

Everything turned out well for me in the end and the CT scan is A ok :)

Now am sitting in Pounda beach, Paros Island my home spot here in Europe.
listening to some great house music from the radio and enjoying the strong meltemi wind <3
i also got my souvlaki fix already...yummmy

now am focused on recovering and eating a lot to gain some of my weight back.
ill be here for the next three months guys.\
do come and visit me if you have plans of coming to greece
or just simply if you wanna hang out with me.

Internet here is a bit slow so bear with me in updating my blog X

am still on a OBX hangover...missing everyone from there X

Sunday, June 10

TRIBU OUTDOORS through my years and now in the USA!!

in 2007, Tribu outdoors hosted
X on the beach in Boracay Island, Philippines
i just graduated from college and was being a "beach bum"
in boracay at this time. I learned how to skimboard since it was 
the closest thing we beach kids can get to skateboarding.
it was really a mode of transportation for us too.
cruising from hey jude beachfront down to fridays in station one where it is flat and you
would see the boys practicing some freestyle moves.

erwin, eating it big time.

i unearthed some old photos from my multiply during those days and its really funny.
remembering we even have a ghetto flat bar to hit.
I joined the skimboarding competition hosted by Tribu outdoors.
i got disqualified TWICE on the longride/or speed - you can already tell as early as then that i was not built to be in "race or speed" 
i think am just to silly of a person to compete in such a serious discipline.
but, i got 3rd place in the women's freestyle. with a combo trick
if i remember it right it was a tail kick-switch-360. something like this.
this is the first event where i met Jason, brainchild of Tribu Outdoors
- i remember even winning a tribu necklace that was really rad!
Jason is a genius!
he is also a really awesome board rider.
After knowing me from skimboarding. jason, jeena, erwin, dane and mars
helped me with my wakeboarding.
and then to my kiting too.
plus all the other stuff that i do on the side, like trying out sandboarding.

Filipina kiter girls :)
Dorothy, Me and Mariel
(Dane, not in photo)

Tribu together with headware and Kurv Industries
has been a very big part of my life as a rider and and eventologist, always supporting
the camps and the events that would bring in more filipinos to the boardsports community.

Tribu Outdoors is a proud sponsor of Susi Mai's All-chicks kite camp and Tom Court's kiteloop challenge for the last two years, both held in the Philippines.

Now, Tribu is available in the USA, and they helped me get here to Triple S, safely.
Jason even visited me here for some moral support and thats really awesome!

Cheers to Jason and to the Tribu family for always supporting the young ones
who are dedicated and passionate about 
the outdoors especially the boardsports
may it be skim, wake, surf, kite
and riding in crazy outfits!!

check out the radness


Sunday, June 3


hey everyone this is my first post from OuterBanks, North Carolina
gearing up for Triple S.
this should be fun!

will be around for two weeks then off the Greece again <3