Monday, June 18

Summer sun shining brighter than ever.

i woke up with the sun shining on my face.
am so happy am back here in Greece for the Summer.
the weather is sooo awesomeee!!!
i must admit that the city is really not for me, and so is the cold,
life is better in my bikinis!hehe
I can say now that i've recovered well from my last unfortunate "encounter"
and i must admit i got really scared
and got to think a bit on what the future is gonna be.
for now, am just really stoked to be back in the water, where i belong :)
i went kiting today with a surfboard,  
the entire Paros kite team has been very helpful - so nice! 

my greek kite family always got my back and supports me in every way.
we spent the entire day shooting for my Roxy finalist challenge video. 
everyone had their own idea on how to make me look "roxy" lol
really excited on how it will turn out.
crossing my fingers X

here are some snaps from today's shoot

PS: for those who are still not decided on their summer plans
i suggest you come visit me here in Paros Island,
its an ideal place to learn how to kite, and for all you kiters, bring your small kites.

for more info visit:

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