Monday, December 26

my mom warned me about boys like you

hej all,
hope everyone is having a blast this holiday season.
am in boracay as of the moment, and this is actually the first time i spent Christmas here.
the parties have been good so far but am still waiting for the big NYE party.

the wind has also been blasting that i cannot even go out on my 7m anymore. lets see if i can get a hold of a 5.5 and do some big airs.

am enjoying my downtime so much and the events of the year 2011 has been really awesome.

december has been very productive workwise but been really lacking on the personal side of things as i have been really really busy to catch up with friends and family but i was able to think a lot about what has been going on with my life as of the moment.

PS: the ego is a bad thing if it's circumference is twice as much as your normal head size.
and people that are out there to deliberately destroy your ego and self esteem is not worth even a second of your me you are better off hanging out with yourself.

here are some pics from windy union bay, caticlan/boracay :)

and the test shoot for our slider. yes it needs some more work i know hehe

Sunday, December 11

WONW 2011 wraps up

its been a fun and challenging 10days for me here in CWC both in the Jam and in my life in general.

First of all battling a recurring shoulder injury which actually made me more focused on my riding and made me more careful.
and yes people the shoulder is stronger than ever and am really happy about that.

its also nice to know that even if you and your friends see each other once to twice a year theyre still the funny bunch of mofos that youve always known and they always got your back no matter what. and because of that am planning up my whole year ahead already to see these people, i think it would be much more worth it than what i did this last year.

its much more worth it than spending a lot of time with a group of people who doesnt even care about your feelings, support your ambition, or just simply include you in plans and conversations.

i am also glad i got A LOT of shots from the winch park and some gopro stuff but most of them have watermarks as usual.

but anyways here are some excerpts from the event.

congrats to brandon sheid, sam light, tom court and aaron hadlow for doing well again in the WONW jam.

til next year guys X

Tuesday, December 6


it's been fun here in the cable as always and its really good to ride with
the crew cause they really push your riding and filming too.

ive managed to get some shots off the winch today
here's a screenie.

hoping to get more sun today to get good footy.

As always the parties are fun, tonight is gonna be the Team Duke Poker Tournament
WIND or NO WIND style

Friday, December 2

In the Cable

The last 2 weeks has been crazy.
Traveling non-stop
This is the first day i can sit down properly and update everyone on my wherabouts.

We were up in the north for almost 4 weeks.
a week in Vigan-Kingfisher then Vigan again then Kingfisher
then 5 days in Boracay then now back in my hood, CWC yo!
Nice to see everyone too.

Am here now for the Wind or No Wind Board Jam 2011.
i may say i did well not injuring my shoulder on the warm up sesh.
it's been great so far.

everyone is arriving today, would be really nice to hang with everyone again and get some parties down!

Fun Times

Sunday, November 13


Uppp the North waiting for the wind to pick up.

We just arrived Vigan the other day and we had a fun tourist day yesterday.

tried to make a proper clay pot. didn't really work out so well but it was fun, putting my thumb in the clay mix though to create a hole in the middle was a weird feeling. haha

today we went kiting in a sick new spot. Its insane! onshore and offshore in on spot, reminds me so much of Prasso.
here are some screenies from the videos i took on the spot.

a good friend Dalan of

is hosting us here at


which is a dank petting zoo,
Anton rode a horse pulled chariot across the lawn and also a camel, how fun is that e.

this is our surf car.

the season ahead looks great, carnage is already in the air for all the mayhem that we are gonna cause with all the upcoming parties, events, and stuff.
plus of course there is the occasional drama which happens yearly. kinda getting used to it by now.


PS: when you are bored and have nothing to do, opt to learn something new.
a sport, a creative hobby or a new language, instead of spending time talking about other people.


Crab mentality is a very bad value. get rid of it. its not worth it. i really think those who practice it end up with bad karma and those who are affected just gets even higher.
Good Karma works wonders.

love you all.


Wednesday, November 9

rounds up

ok i've been back in the philly islands for 3 weeks i guess?

i am doing my rounds right now
visited some friends in manila,
went out to b-side and of course TIMEZONE!!!

first stop :)

i don't gamble for real but yeah i spend a lot of my hard earn Gs in the arcade since i was a little kid.

attended a friend's wedding, which was the main reason why i went back earlier.
she's actually my oldest friend to date.
we met in the first day in preperatory school? is that correct.

stayed in CWC for a few days to say hi to some local friends and shoot some vid.
my shoulder i think got a bit of a shock coming from the cold into the warmth and directly to the cable. yikes.

o well i had fun shooting eli, susan and anton.

I am now in Palawan enjoying the sun and the underwater sanctuaries in this part of the country.
i miss diving sooo much being in europe for 4 months.

so now am off to laoag to the north to finally have some surf!!! here weeee go!

i took over the apartment in CWC and we will be having it during the upcoming WONW which would be awesome!!!

can't wait to see everyone again.

here's last year's edit from
watch it :)

PS: its funny to be back wearing heels and dresses.
chocolate fountain again and again. hihihi

Monday, October 31

am back suckers!

so nice to be back in the warmth.
Went from Göteborg till London till HongKong
Our luggage got stuck in London because our flight was late to catch the HK leg
but since my visa doesn't permit me to enter the UK they had to let us go on the plane without our stuff. Which turned out good in the end cause we weren't lugging it around HK which would have been a real pain in the ass.

spent halloween weekend in HK which was awesome. went partying in Drop where my friend Joel Lai was playing with DJ Born to Funk who really had a great set.
Last minute halloween costume hunting turned nice as well. hehe

also went around Lantau and ocean park which i havent really done since i was like 12.
it was really nice but HK turned too commercialized over the past 10 years its insane.
but still, i always enjoy my HK stopovers.

flew to Manila yesterday, arrived 1pm and we had to come back for our luggage around 5pm. then straight off take the night bus to CWC. so here i am now in the cable park so excited to be back shredding in 30degrees. today we will be riding in our costumes. it would be sick.

this is my first meal when i arrived manila

Sunday, October 23

When the leaves turn gold

I was actually happy i stayed a few weeks more than i planned
saw the leaves turned Gold

Ive been busy fixing our upcoming trip for Asia's Kite Season.

and i didn't realize that there were many things i still wanted to do and learn here in Sweden
Baking was one of them.

I successfully made Kanelbullar - Cinnamon Rolls today.

Lemon Squares a few days ago and Kyckling och Potatis Paj (Chicken and Potato Pie)

here's a photo of the pie i made

The kitchen space is very important to swedish people, it's actually nice because it makes you wanna use the kitchen all the time.

So yea it was so nice to prepare breakfast and clean up after :)

Here is Jens' a friend we met in Boracay, and now we are in his kitchen. He's making a wonderful dinner for us.