Sunday, November 13


Uppp the North waiting for the wind to pick up.

We just arrived Vigan the other day and we had a fun tourist day yesterday.

tried to make a proper clay pot. didn't really work out so well but it was fun, putting my thumb in the clay mix though to create a hole in the middle was a weird feeling. haha

today we went kiting in a sick new spot. Its insane! onshore and offshore in on spot, reminds me so much of Prasso.
here are some screenies from the videos i took on the spot.

a good friend Dalan of

is hosting us here at


which is a dank petting zoo,
Anton rode a horse pulled chariot across the lawn and also a camel, how fun is that e.

this is our surf car.

the season ahead looks great, carnage is already in the air for all the mayhem that we are gonna cause with all the upcoming parties, events, and stuff.
plus of course there is the occasional drama which happens yearly. kinda getting used to it by now.


PS: when you are bored and have nothing to do, opt to learn something new.
a sport, a creative hobby or a new language, instead of spending time talking about other people.


Crab mentality is a very bad value. get rid of it. its not worth it. i really think those who practice it end up with bad karma and those who are affected just gets even higher.
Good Karma works wonders.

love you all.



createanddestroy said...

said it before, saying it again, love your wise words! hope you guys will have an epic trip to the north, wish i could come

Dane said...

We can't silence the haters, but what we can do, is keeping doing what we do.. and just tell them to SUCK IT!