Saturday, April 28

a taste of history

can't really wrap my head around not being in this event....check out the first Philippine Kiteboarding Nationals in coop with KTA - Kiteboard Tour Asia. KTA Vigan/Ilocos Sur.
Vigan shows us what Philippine culture is really like, very much influenced by the Spanish as you can see from the well preserved streets in the historical square.

it brings you back into time on how it was like to be in a place that was colonized for 300years

One of those spots that will be in my heart forever! Glad to be one of the first riders in this beach with Dalan Michael SingsonJonathan OscarssonSebastian Forsell and you next season vigan!Hope we get some girls riding next year, so we can have a women's category. ♥


Monday, April 23

Hippie Hill @ 420

420 in Hippie Hill was an experience of a Lifetime.

420 is the most celebrated unofficial holiday with over 2 billion participants across the world.

here is an amazing girl doing the hoola and she's awesome
i got inspired :)

i went down to Hippie Hill a bit after 420 but it was worth it.
Shooting everything around me was just amazing.

Met up with some friends who really told me not to miss out on this event, am glad i didn't
check the pictures and let me know :)


Monday, April 16

Purple Skunk

awesome party from Purple Skunk!

so tiffany my effin' awesome other roomate tagged me along an art/skate/music exhibition
at Purple Skunk in Richmond, SF. Hope i got that correct.

We we're hangin out with Brandon of Caliber trucks co. He showed me a couple of their awesome rider pictures and yes they are great!!!
and you can check those pics out here and see their rad products too.


Caliber trucks is available in the Philippines too! check out your dealers :P

so here are some snaps from the party.

i met this amazing girl, her name is Yvonne and she loves art :)

plus this cool DJ Reo Stevens II ! sick emerica cap too!!

thanks to the guys at purple skunk! ill hang out again for sure!

Purple Skunk is RAD!

PS: i won some wheels and Unit tool in the raffle during the party. ha! am so lucky with stuff like this!!!

now i just need some caliber trucks and a new deck. :)

i got this new Photo App. its cool - Pudding Camera
and also mutli lens

its like instagram but better! you can make up nice photo stories about your day :)

PS: i got some inquiries about my shoe and bag collection. sorry guys
i dont collect either.

am usually shoeless in the beach.
but i used to collect skate sneaks and chucks when am in the city.
so here is the collection i have.
i love stuff i wear in my head.
am bummed i lost a lot of them in my travels though.

Saturday, April 14


2nd time in the snow!
Don't really remember how it was the first time.
But yes, it was awesome!
Fresh powder came down at Tahoe so the crew at homelight
decided to hit the slopes!
it was so fun.
My ass is bruised but am hella stoked on snowboarding.
i have a feeling i will be doing this more often than necessary.
Everything was perfect, sunny, fresh snow. awesome cabin and great crew!!
there's something about snow that makes you happy.

thinkin about it i was singing and just giggling to myself everytime i go ride down a slope, even though i was listening to hardbanging techno.

here are some snips from the trip.
it was a mission to film with the DSLR so please forgive
Photos taken from my IXUS and my 1 billion dollar worth app, Instagram :)
visit the crew at Homelight

Wednesday, April 11


hey all!

The Voting for the Live the Dream of a Roxy Girl is now LIVE!!

please cast your vote here
and also don't forget to share the love to all your friends :)

crossing my fingers!! X

Monday, April 9

Best Easter Ever!

so, maybe this is the only easter sunday i spent being NOT hungover from the party the night before, and its wicked!
Easter here in SF is fun!
We went to a Big Wheelz Race today. it was the funniest thing ever. there were people in costumes AND drunk racing downhill one of the crooked roads here.
it was so funny. i hope i joined them too! it would be really fun ! maybe next time!!

this one here drove down a plastic harley davidson scooter.
no helmet no pads. so yeah. carnage time! its worse than seeing skateboarders crash in their movies! LOL

we also went to Dolores Park and it was sooo nice

i feel like i belong here. there were a lot of people doing POI, hoola hoops, Acroyoga, etc.
can't wait til my new toys arrive!!

here are some snaps from today
from my instagram

Sunday, April 8

Dancing with myself

Went dancing today with Tiffany! it was sooo rad!
Club scene SF is sooo awesome.
one of my dreams as a teenager was fullfilled today.

You see i love this band, Moloko and i love Roisin sooo much. she's the hottest one out there!
I love this song Familiar Feeling and I love the music video so much that i
actually play it over and over again sometimes.

And today, i felt that i was inside that video. Dancing!
its so rad to dance with myself and dancing with other people

this is the video
watch it!
but yes am enjoying my great independence here in
San Francisco
With love and a lot of style.

PS: i have three new toys and its gonna come in a couple of days.

this is gonna be fun


Friday, April 6

cold spring wind

can i jsut say that the wind today was soooo cold and freakin' bombing 30-40knots.
cant even hold my bar at some point.

i was just cruising around overpowered
in my new board and bindings.
3rd is a great spot, but its really muddy and my awesome white bindings are not liking it.

anyways am glad though i still managed to get a session today.
also i met two filipina kiters here. how awesome is that?

i also went out with some of the kiters the other night, and met Bill Tai too! nice

anyways here are some snaps of last tuesday night and some lifestyle shots down at the 3rd.

PS: anny is arriving the bay area tomorrow.
should be epic!!

Tuesday, April 3

happy corner

i am very happy here in SF,
aside from the fact that i have a cool krew here
i just love this city so much. it like happy corner on every street.

today i went to the park to walk rocket and i found a nice place where i can do yoga and meditation just down the street, how rad is that?
i also saw some awesome stuff in the way.

Spring time in SF is unbelievably nice.
cant wait til some of my friends get here in the end of the month.

i went kitesurfing for the first time here in SF
dang its cold! but its cool cause its really sunny. i even got sunburnt.
anyho, having a wetsuit is the only solution.

Ok ama go down to haight street now and find myself some rad stuff and take some more pictures.
this is like a street photographer's haven!! its so sick! i havent even busted out my DSLR yet am just taking stuff off from my instagram.

and still its awesome!!