Thursday, January 29


me in a burton sweater (worn as dress), stockings,terranova dress (worn under the sweater), hat from target and my ooohhh so lovely white 16 hole DMs.

*THE DMS were scored for 950php at Baguio-brand new :)

jammy in billabong

daryl in a hurley fedora -

vanessa in a c1rca polo (which i now own) and hurley dress
kiko and marita in vintage 

The gang hanging out at 32nd street and Bunker after a hell of a day...San Mig Light pls.

We were doing the casting for the REPUBL1C billboard, it was hard ofcourse since we really want people who looked cool and are really cool in real life...and the usual suspects did show up..

Ive been a bit delayed with my posts because of the enormous no. of events that i had to go to, plus the numerous events that am doing + busy living a life..i wish for more hours in a day.

Id like to do more posts

Friday, January 16

Silver trucks and FKD bearings in action

     RVCA sweater, C1rca Adrian Lopez 50 in blk/red, FKD bearings + silver trucks

Silver Trucks and FKD Bearings exclusively available at REPUBL1C

Monday, January 5


I am currently craving for this pair of sunglasses, as you all know its almost always summer in the Philippines so a pair of shades is not enough, its part of your daily necessity in this tropical land. 

I like this MURDOCK Dragon Eyewear in Gold Ionized because its fashionable's lenses are POLARIZED.

When i was younger i used to buy those cheap fashionable shades not knowing that shades do really have a purpose and not just to be worn to look cool, so i'd say you should go polarized to take care of those lovely eyes especially if your like me who spend most of the day under the sun and loving it at that ;p

Ill be posting some photos of me sporting this baby in the future so do watch out!

The Murdock Dragon Eyewear come in silver grey and gold ionized.

Dragon Eyewear is exclusively available at REPUBL1C

Saturday, January 3


Rica in a RVCA top (which you can't see here) and her cute UGGs ++ 

RVCA Headquarters - Day 1

Still jetlag, getting distracted by the Erin Wasson images.

Eiarth batwing dress, vintage jacket (stolen from the boyfriend), H&M tights, Terranova leg warmers, Grey ankle boots from payless shoes (bought the day before), Lacoste bag, Beret from somewhere i don't remember ( bought the day before)

The blog sabatical was caused by a 7-day business trip to the US of A. It was exhaustion beyond any trip that i had but the most enlightening i might add.

It was my first business trip with REPUBL1C, and it was way beyond cool.

Day1 was a mess, renting a car which we never got because i don't have a credit card, and my associate rica, who has a credit card doesn't have a license. so had to go back to the airport and get into a shuttle to our hotel in South Coast. Which meant that we practically missed the RVCA welcome party for the international distributors.

RVCA + their crew was really awesome, conan + chris + kristin ++

I am really glad that we are distributing this brand in the P.I..The ideas, vision and talent of these people are just inspiring and we really need more of them in this world, especially in this country.


 the awesome people from the other countries like annalie of TNT canada and some afro guy whose name i forgot are so cool.

We also bugged some other peeps like mike and bow of Liquid Force, the Hurley dudes, the funky guys at PLANB and C1RCA.

here are some snippets of the RVCA sales mtg (my excuse for being blog absent).

From Dusk til Dawn - Happy New Year

NYE is probably one my fave holidays, that is of course next to halloween. I always make it a point to stay up and watch the last sunset of the year and first sunrise of the coming year ahead. I've been spending my NYE in the beautiful island of Boracay for 4 straight years now since the BF a.k.a DJ Erwin Edralin has this commitment to spin for the NYE countdown, not that am complaining dears; its freaking awesome.

So since my lovely friend dane's ( camera fell on the sand before midnight i had to use my flashless iphone as a camera. 

Our party here at the great HEY JUDE BAR started around 10ish, then fireworks for midnight plus a lot of partying, dancing, drinking and hugging each other until around 8am. 

I really do like the fact that a lot of foreigners spend their new years in Boracay - The crazy russians, giddy aussies, happy japanese, awesome europeans, dancing americans ++ my crazy bad ass friends from MANILA and BORACAY...makes me feel so extra special and loved.

I'd definitely do this again next year, how about you?

As for my resolutions?!

- Party some more, love some more

- Work hard to party some more

- Fix my closet 

- Host a garage sale

- Learn to kiteboard properly

- Learn a new wake trick, plus not to forget to do some stretching before i go riding

- and continue my NO Pork ( which am glad to say i've been able to keep for 2 years now, i think)

- travel to a new island in the Philippines.. am thinking Camuigin Island or Iligan 

- keep in touch with old friends

- meet new people

- learn to cook indian dishes ... yummm

- try my best not to be lazy posting entries here at my blog, and ORGANIZE my layout..hihi

hmm i think my list is kindly easy this year, so its easier to keep them all..bleh ;P