Monday, January 5


I am currently craving for this pair of sunglasses, as you all know its almost always summer in the Philippines so a pair of shades is not enough, its part of your daily necessity in this tropical land. 

I like this MURDOCK Dragon Eyewear in Gold Ionized because its fashionable's lenses are POLARIZED.

When i was younger i used to buy those cheap fashionable shades not knowing that shades do really have a purpose and not just to be worn to look cool, so i'd say you should go polarized to take care of those lovely eyes especially if your like me who spend most of the day under the sun and loving it at that ;p

Ill be posting some photos of me sporting this baby in the future so do watch out!

The Murdock Dragon Eyewear come in silver grey and gold ionized.

Dragon Eyewear is exclusively available at REPUBL1C

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