Thursday, January 29


me in a burton sweater (worn as dress), stockings,terranova dress (worn under the sweater), hat from target and my ooohhh so lovely white 16 hole DMs.

*THE DMS were scored for 950php at Baguio-brand new :)

jammy in billabong

daryl in a hurley fedora -

vanessa in a c1rca polo (which i now own) and hurley dress
kiko and marita in vintage 

The gang hanging out at 32nd street and Bunker after a hell of a day...San Mig Light pls.

We were doing the casting for the REPUBL1C billboard, it was hard ofcourse since we really want people who looked cool and are really cool in real life...and the usual suspects did show up..

Ive been a bit delayed with my posts because of the enormous no. of events that i had to go to, plus the numerous events that am doing + busy living a life..i wish for more hours in a day.

Id like to do more posts


Dane said...

POst more! I gave you an award on my blog. xxxx

Unknown said...

i will! :)