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How To Get To Boracay

due to public demand, and me being lazy to reply to all of you wonderful people asking
place to stay?
 So am here are some answers to some FAQs about getting to Boracay.
This post is dedicated to FLYING in and out of BORACAY.

1. Which airport to fly?

 It's always best to travel to Manila first from your country. Point of Origin - MLA (Manila, Philippines) and then take a connection from Manila to Kalibo (Boracay) via LLCC or Local Low Cost Carriers.

 **The Philippines main hub is Manila. We have 4 terminals that are on the same area but for some strange reason they are not connected to each other via internal tarmac or even a walkway. So, make sure you check your terminal and transfer time. transferring from Terminal 1 (International terminal) to LLCC (terminal 4 or terminal 3) is a shuttle ride away but MOST of the time the traffic is BAD, so allow at Least more than 6 hours between your international flight and your domestic connection flight to Boracay. If you are arriving in the evening, it's best to book a room nearby or better yet book the earliest flight to boracay the next day and just wait in the terminal.

 NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE TRAFFIC SITUATION IN MANILA, it goes from bad to very bad and worst when it's raining. i have had friends who missed their international flights because of this reason. and i even had my own bad experience with typhoons/flights and terminals

 ---- Kalibo is the nearest airport from Boracay THAT ACCEPTS boardbags, from Kalibo you have to take a 1.5 hr VAN or BUS to Caticlan Jetty Port.
 Van Fee = Php (150.00 per person or 3 euros)
*BUSES can cost up to 250.00 or 5euros some companies include boat transfers/terminal fees/environmental fees

 otherwise if you are traveling light and do not mind the extra mind blowing 200usd for a 1 hour flight you can take a flight from MANILA to CATICLAN, which takes you directly to Caticlan Jetty Port.

 Here are some LLCC - Low Cost Carriers you can choose from

 Cebu Pacific Air - relatively the cheapest - most of the time i take this myself, i try to get the earliest flight in the morning because after lunch MOST flights are already Delayed caused by tarmac traffic and late arrival of turn around aircraft.  and make sure you book your sports equipment with your ticket or else they will charge you an arm and a leg in the counter.

 PAL Express/Air Philippines - a bit more pricey. they say it's safer. i don't know really.
 Seair - BEST airline for me and FASTEST. and MOST EXPENSIVE, Flies to both Caticlan and Kalibo.
 Air Asia/ Zest Air - relatively cheap like cebu pacific, i take these planes too from time to time.

 When you arrive at Caticlan Jetty Port you will have to buy / pay for the ff:
 1. Boat transfer = 25php or.50euro or 30php on evenings
2. Terminal Fee = 50php or (not sure)
3. Environmental Fee = 100php or 2 euros

 **OPTIONAL - Porters - porters are people who carry your luggage for you. you can tip them from 20php to 50php per bag. give them more if it makes you feel better. I personally love porters. make sure you hire somebody who wears an ID and Uniform - they usually get to you at the baggage carousel. Porters can take you all the way to the jetty and come with you to the boat or you might have to change to another porter when you get to the other side. The Boat transfer will take 15minutes tops and viola, you are in Boracay. Take a trike(tuktuk) to your hotel/room. **stayed tuned for my next post about places to stay and spots to check out.

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Thursday, July 31

Paradise Found

some typo errors though,
brand AMBASSADOR not architect
but that's ok. 
still stoked. thanks for the feature.
thanks UNO Magazine

Sunday, May 25

The trip begins.

yes its been more than a month since i last posted 
something on my blog.
am really pissed about it.
No Post in Blog means no life, well not exactly but 
you know what i mean.
The past few weeks were focused on "re-arrange" life
so i can live more, and technically post more stuff here to share with all
So today am flying out of the Philippines for the Triple S invitational
and also to my onward summer vacation in Europe.
PS: it took me almost 2 hours to check in, i had to RE-Pack in the airport TWICE!

i had a serious case of island fever in the end with all those tourist that flocked in over the past month,
This year i am very very happy to say that
am stoked to be living in Boracay, no matter how much the media
or the tourists make it sound so Lame to be there especially during LaBoracay.
it was a great season back home, 
and i really wish that people and establishments in Boracay
become more responsible with trash disposal.
this island is so pretty so please 
take care of it.
here is a short video on Boracay Island from Gino and Tin
check out my little kite cameo.

enjoy and you'll definitely hear from me soon.