Saturday, December 13

What's in my travel bag

yes, i decided to join the bandwagon of bloggers doing a post about what is in their bag.
so am doing my own version.
i have non of those LV bags, expensive organizers and gigantic make up kits that i travel with...but
if you have traveled with me, you know it's not easy at it always involves a lot of trouble with my luggage.

So here is what's in my travel bag 

From Left to Right (Back Row) Kites TS15m, TS12m, TS9m, TS7m
Best Kiteboarding Bar and Harness
Best Kiteboarding Hand Pump for SUP(yellow) & for Kite (Red)
(Front Row) Wetsuits: Roxy Syncro 4/3mm, Roxy Syncro 3/2mm, Roxy 2mm Shorty, Rainbow Tutu 
On me: Roxy Pop Surf Neoprene 2pc Bikini, Leech Eyewear in London (casual), sitting on a JadeYoga Cork Mat
(Front Row) Boards: Kiteboarding 4 Girls 130 TwinTip, Kitesurf 5.6 Shifty Pro, Stand Up Paddle Board +Paddle 10.3

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LENS: Pierre Vogel

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